Lincoln Michael, age three

Dear Lincoln on your third birthday,

I’ve started writing you this letter several times. I’ve been thinking so much about your middle of the night delivery. I was exhausted, I could barely see straight, and you were perfect. So small. You were content and calm right away, and you laid on me without complaint. The pictures of those first few days are so special to me, little memories of our first moments together. Sacred time.

All I want to tell you today on your birthday is how much I love you. When my heart is heavy, when I’m struggling, you come and lay by me in my bed. You stick your whole body under the covers and whisper “I wuv you mama.” You let me hold you and play in your hair and scratch your neck. And still at age three and 33 pounds, you occasionally fall asleep on my shoulder. You are more than I could ever ask for, and for that I will love you forever. “To da moon!” as you like to say.

Lincoln you keep us busy, you love to be outside. I think you wipe yourself out because you still take a hefty nap everyday, long past when your sister gave up her nap. You are FULL of spunk and hilarious faces and constantly make us laugh. You continue to be stubborn, though you are getting a little easier to reason with. Last week you sat in time out for fifty (five zero) minutes because you didn’t want to apologize to Isabelle. The king of tantrums.

You love Izzie with all of your heart. You take her toys and chase her around the house and lay on her entire body to “hug” her. When we go to pick her up, you patiently wait at the gate until she comes into view and then you RUN to her. She is the closest sibling you will ever have, and I hope you will be friends forever.

You and I spend our days together, sometimes we sit in our pajamas and play trains and zoo and fire and rescue. Your favorite book is Green Eggs and Ham. Sometimes we get dressed and run errands, sometimes to the park or to Grandma’s house. You are my little companion.

When I look through pictures of you, as a newborn and a baby and a toddler and now a three year old, you look the same to me. That narrow face, little chin and softy soft skin. You are the same. You are equally as delicious as the day you were born, and if I loved you any more, my heart would explode.

Love you to da moon.



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