Christmas Eve

I’m trying to distract myself. May as well keep the blog current.

Christmas Eve feels like months ago…. I can hardly remember what we did. I know we made cookies, and we visited Max (the 24th marked eight months since his birth.) It was another hard day, another hurdle. But look at these faces. Are they cute or what?

It was the “off year” for all of my siblings so it was a low key gathering. We ate my favorite meal of the year- crab and clam chowder… They were seriously the fattest and meatiest crabs ever. (If you are wondering, we dip in thousand island dressing instead of butter. Try it.)

We opened our jammies with our cousins..

And Santa stopped by our friends house for a visit.

Isabelle was all excited to prep Santa’s plate. 
“Dear Santa, thank you. I have been a good girl. For Christmas I want a leap-pad, Isabelle doll, and can you please fix Olivia’s hair. I love, Isabelle.” I am keeping this forever. She spent about an hour on this note, color coordinating and trying to get the spacing right. We swapped out her Olivia doll- our last spare.. let’s hope it holds for a few more years.
I had most everything wrapped in advance so I think we were in bed by about 9:30. We didn’t have enough people for our nativity this year! So we used our soft felt nativity set and acted it out like that. Sort of worked. Lincoln mostly destroyed stuff. It was very reverent. 

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