Christmas Day

I’d like to post about Lincoln’s birthday and our trip to Utah, but I need to post about Christmas first… which was like three weeks ago. Whateverrrrr.

Christmas Day was happy. The kids were happy. We were happy watching them open the gifts we had been stashing away for months. It was nice to be happy. My parents came over in the morning because for the first time in thirty years, they had an empty house! 

Kids slowly opened their presents. Lincoln opened his new trains and then he had tunnel vision and couldn’t tear himself away from them to do anything else. My kids always go for their stockings first. They love to pull all the crap out and before I notice, Lincoln has half a chocolate Santa in his mouth.
Jazz and I purchased grown up people couches (to be delivered in the next 2-4 months!) so we called that Christmas for each other..but we always do stockings… Jazz does this cute thing where he lays out my stocking on Christmas Eve and then covers it with a blanket so I can’t peek and see what is in it while I am getting everything else out. I’ll keep him. 

Santa brought Isabelle an Isabelle doll. She was thrilled.

I didn’t do a great job taking pictures but we had a great day. We had en EPIC quadruple nap in the afternoon- you know those kinds of naps where you wake up and it’s dark and you’re like what day is it where am I is this a cocoon. We were late to dinner because we all were post-nap sluggish and had to get everyone ready.  I love this little family picture of us. We had such a happy day.

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