Does anyone else feel like December is kicking them in the face? Today is the 18th and the last 2 1/2 weeks have been a blurry tornado. Christmas is in one week and I am about 40% ready. And that’s being generous.

A lot of week last week was dedicated to Isabelle’s participation in the Nutcracker. She had lots of late night rehearsals and then performances Thursday, Friday and Saturday. She was cast as one of the little peppermints that comes out from under Madame Ginger’s skirt. Seriously it was the highlight of the ballet..I may be partial but these little kids STOLE THE SHOW.

I watched most of the performances because I couldn’t help it. Her two minutes was totally worth the entire two hour show… she does this one little part where she runs out in front and waves to me in the audience and I wave back because I am cheesy and my heart explodes. I mean, she’s five.

My mom is over the Peppermints, she does the choreography and the costumes and even built the giant dress that has to be hoisted by a lift up and onto Louie, who plays Madame Ginger ON STILTS. He is great, totally perfect for this part.

Here is a video I sneaky took during one of the school shows. She is last out of the dress and fourth from the right. Sorry the lighting isn’t great, I was in row like K and I had a cell phone, so….that’s why.
Here’s the youtube link if you want to see it larger:
Actually go there to watch it, it’s way better.
The last night we had our church party and I was leading the music so we had to divide and conquer- Jazz went to Izzie’s show and I took Linc to the party. When Santa came I was sure he would not be interested in visiting with him but NO. The kids all lined up and said he would do it by himself so I sat below the stage and watched. He climbed right up and asked for more trains and a treat bag for Isabelle. Success.

Today Isabelle is on winter break for two weeks and I am THRILLED. We have no where to be! We are eating popcorn and watching Christmas movies in our jammies and baking treats for our friends. Perfect.

1 thought on “Nutcracker

  1. I love the picture of Lincoln and Santa. I love that he didn't freak out! Super cute stuff.


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