Happy Thanksgiving!

This week went by so quickly, I can’t believe our holiday is nearly over! We were so glad that we had some last minute family come into town- Sabrina and her family drove 15 hours through the night from Phoenix, and the Chipmans flew in from good old Provo. It was a party.

We ate a bunch of food, took turns taking naps, played some exciting rounds of BINGO, and planned to finish with dessert but we were all to full from lunchner.

Linc wore his hat for .3 seconds.
I always take a family picture but this year it just didn’t happen.. that’s okay too!
Jared and Linc accidentally matched. Fancy.
you guys. this foooood.
Christmas Jams!

On Friday we all went out to Max’s park. The granite for his stone has been in customs down in LA for two months, but is finally at the engravers now and should be done fairly soon. I’ll be so relieved when it is finished. It means a lot that they all wanted to visit, Maxwell is such a big part of our lives and we are so glad to share him with everyone we can.

It’s nap time and Linc is asleep, Isabelle is playing dress up with her cousins, and I’m running a few loads of laundry really quickly because we are OUT. We just haven’t been home to keep up on chores and I think that’s just the best excuse ever. I am so thankful we live here with our family and some of our cousins close by- I hope my kids have the happiest memories playing together until late at night during the holidays.
Of course, the holidays are a little bittersweet. I think how far we have come this year, even in six months… And while we would love to have our little baby here with us, we have so much to be thankful for. I am SO thankful for the things Maxwell has brought to our family. Peace and compassion, love and forgiveness, a greater testimony of the plan of salvation and the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. Our lives have been changed for the better this year. I know that he wasn’t far from us this week, he is never too far from us. 

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