linc’s morning at the farm

Last week, Lincoln and I had a field trip to the pumpkin patch with the co-op preschool we were a part of last year. Why does the pumpkin patch always make for cute pictures? Is it the colors? Or what? It’s finally feeling like fall and I am so thankful, I was so sick of the triple digit heat.

Linc loves to be outside, he loves space to run, he loves animals, he loves dirt, so naturally he loved EVERYTHING about the big farm we went to visit. And all the big tractor equipment almost made his mind explode. I swear the kid does not. stop. moving. He really loves to play with Kira (calls her “Tear-ah), so this was a great opportunity for them to hang out for awhile without big sisters around. It was weird to just have one kid to keep track of- almost peaceful. Most of the other moms had babies in carriers or strollers, one joked with me and said, “looks like it’s time for you to have another!” Ahhhh yeah let’s just glide right over that. People- don’t say weird things about babies and family planning to strangers, just don’t. Anyway, I digress. Pumpkin patch was super fun and in the end, he picked a blue-ish pumpkin. Isabelle was not pleased she missed this whole event while she was at school, but we are doing a class field trip next week so she can pick a pumpkin too.

his little chubby fingers.
Kira looking like she’s 14. I love her in pigtails, they just suit her.

I told Linc we were gonna go for a hay ride on the tractor and he automatically ran for the tractor like NO PROB I’LL DRIVE.

“the fish was about this big.”
“oh really tell me more!”
I just think he’s so cute I could bite him.

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