a little jaunt to the state of cacti

Did you know that a cactus with no arms is called a spear? And that cactus arms can take 50-75 years to even grow? These are things I learned a few weeks ago. It seems that when either of my sisters give birth to new babies I get to go and visit.

So on a Thursday evening, I drove down to the airport and got on a plane BY MYSELF. No diaper bag, no wipes (though they are always handy.) Nary a fruit snack in sight. I read A BOOK for two hours IN A ROW. And when I landed my perky sister picked me up to drove me over to Morgans, where I spent four days holding babies and playing horsies and eating great food and maybe also doing some light shopping.

It was such an uplifting weekend. 
When I visited Morgan in Utah after she had Margo, I brought Lincoln with me (he was six months and nursing.) It was a really fun visit, but Linc was pretty needy still so I didn’t have a ton of free time to play or help Morgan. (He also slept the worst that weekend out of his whole entire life.) Mostly we sat around and fed our babies and watched reality TV and ate takeout. When I visited Sabrina after the birth of Quinn, I was newly pregnant with Max and in that nauseous/exhausted part of the first trimester. I remember being like peace out it’s 9 pm I’m going to bed! Sorry Sabs. Anyway, I felt useful this trip, and it’s nice to feel useful. Of course it was a little emotional (what isn’t emotional these days.) for me, after all the plan was for me to bring Max on this trip so we could both sit around a feed our babies again. We talked about him a lot and I cried sometimes when I smelled Archers little head. He smells good.
We got out of the house quite a bit! Morgans a seasoned veteran so we went to the aquarium and to all our favorite restaurants and hit all the fun stores I don’t have. (uh like all of them. ) Margo is just a few months younger than Lincoln and we had some good bonding time. My nieces call me Mimi and I hope it never ever ever changes, it is my most favorite. Everywhere we went people would comment on and touch Margo’s curly hair! Seriously people want to pet her and I’m sure Morgan is like NO THANKS.

They have the cutest aquarium there- it’s the perfect size for toddlers and smaller children. Plus I love aquariums so I would probably go even if we didn’t have kids.

this is me in a bubble

He is still so little!
Food, glorious food! The pork salad from Cafe Rio, and also Sprinkles cupcakes. Don’t be fooled, we bought two boxes of four = eight. Red Velvet is my favorite, although the seasonal pumpkin flavor was insane. Also what do we have to do to get a Paradise Bakery in Redding?!

On Saturday, Sabrina and I snuck away to the Mesa temple. This is one of the oldest temples- construction started in 1922! We met up with our old roommate, Kenady who we fondly refer to as Baxter. We met for lunch and I swear it was like no time had passed- we very well could have been in Provo having lunch between classes at BYU. I just love her. After lunch we did a session in the temple (if you are wondering what we do in temples click here.) We sat in the peaceful temple and all cried together as we quietly talked a little bit about Max and how he has changed our lives. I can feel him so near to me when I am in the temple, it is so special. “Mom I’m here, I’m with you!” I felt totally renewed.
This place is crazy, it’s were all the nordstrom and nordstrom rack stuff comes to die. People line up before opening EVERY DAY to look for designer labels and then they resell them on ebay and this is their ENTIRE JOB. That gate lifted and people ran amok throwing stuff in their carts. I did find some great things though. (Leigh this would have given you hives.)

is this too many baby selfies. cause I have more.

Big thanks to my husband who took a day of off work and took care of our children for 4 days straight. He took them out to breakfast, to play trains, did pick up and drop off, and even braved church. He managed to put Izzie’s hair in a ponytail (with a vacuum. yes.) and made sure the house was nice and tidy when I returned. He didn’t even freak out when I came home with an extra suitcase full of new junk. He is my hero.

And thanks to Morgan for sharing her baby with me while I continue to miss mine. I can do hard things.

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