Isabelle’s Rainbow Unicorn Party

On the 4th, we celebrated Isabelle’s fifth birthday. I love Isabelle so much, and when she decided she wanted a unicorn rainbow party I just sort of smiled and went with it. You see, I don’t have very much experience in the multi-colored mythological creature party genre… I’m not even sure where her idea came from but she was SET.

We returned from Disneyland late Thursday and the party was Saturday morning, so it was a bit of a cram to get everything ready (seriously you should have seen the front room.) but I think it may have been her favorite party ever. She helped me plan quite a bit- had her say everything from the invitations to the activities and it was really fun to do together. Sometimes while Lincoln was napping she would come in and sit by me and we would browse party supplies together and pick stuff out. She is getting so grown up. 
Anyway. The party. Was spectacular. She was so happy. 

She was so excited about all the “wainbow tweats”
these little jello cups were one of my favorite parts
Our little friends
I think maybe it’s time to have Isabelle stand by us for photos. Yeahhh she’s like nine feet long.


She picked out this design from a few we looked at on etsy because I literally can not operate any computer program newer than like microsoft word, the ’95 edition. I had them printed at vista print and they were great. I made this giant pin the horn on the unicorn game with some foam core and paint to match her invitation.

The smartest thing I’ve ever done was hire a face painter. BEST DECISION EVER. It doubled as entertainment and activity and favor and the kids loved picking out their designs and taking turns. This lady was really great with the kids and fast- we did 10 faces in an hour. (Linc passed on sitting still for five minutes to have something drawn on his face, surprise.)

one of my most favorite pictures of all time ever in the history of everything
could you die over madilyn’s hair? It’s amazing!
We also had a pinata with a BAT. It sort of goes against my better judgment but I had a hard time finding a pull string pinata that went with our theme. Each kid got a turn with two hits then I finished it because it was 100 degrees outside, I kid you not. (Funny story, I called my dad and asked him to bring a bat over because we don’t even own one… he showed up at the door with this totally gruesome halloween bat decoration. He’s all “here’s your bat!” and laughed for like an hour. Dad you are the best.)

I love this so much. His tongue!
We had funfetti cupcakes and all sang to Izzie. Five! I can’t believe she’s five.

it was seriously too hot outside, we moved the tables indoors. cmon October get it together.

I love having birthday parties for my kids. I really like planning them and we have a great time- every birthday is special and I love celebrating each year. Every time we get together I think wow- it really takes a village- these are the same people that helped us move in and let our families sleep over at their houses. They were there to visit us in the hospital, and there with us to bury Max. How grateful I am for my community of friends and family.
Anyway, I think Isabelle had a great day filled with her favorite people and I really can’t believe this was her fifth party. Loose teeth and full day school and she seems grown up. Though today she fell asleep on the way home from school and I got to pick her up and carry her inside like she was a toddler again. 
PS- how awesome is this… from Aunt Sabs and Aunt Mo. 

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