disneyland, the second half

We seem to have a habit of going to Disneyland this time of year. 1) It is less busy when people are in school. 2) Halloween is in full swing. I love the holidays at the park, (sometimes I feel like The Park should be capitalized, like a proper noun. The Park.) The first two days we were there it was a bit busy- people are catching on to visiting off season- but the last two days were much lighter and we were able to do all the things that we wanted. 
One thing we did new this year was the Mickey’s Halloween Party, held on select nights from 7-11. The premise is that you buy a special ticket- Disney kicks everyone else out, and you spend a few hours trick or treating to little stations set up all over the park. They have a special costume parade and Halloween themed fireworks, lots of characters are out for picture taking. Every one is allowed to wear costumes as long as they meet certain guidelines- we saw lots of families dressed up in themes like The Incredibles or the posse from Frozen. We love disneyland, we love halloween, we loved the trick or treat party.
Of course, Isabelle wanted to be Elsa. Pretty sure 80% of all children will be a frozen character this year, just sayin’. Every time we discussed costumes, Lincoln insisted that he was gonna be mater, as in Tow Mater. I knew my options were limited there so I stalked ebay for months and finally found the one I wanted and snatched that sucker up. It’s perfect for him, chipped tooth and all. Daggum.

Anna, double Elsa and Mater.

The kids had a great time- we collected a target bag of legit good chocolate, honestly probably $40 worth of candy. If I keep it at the house I will slowly eat every last piece so we donated it to Cindy’s Halloween pot. I was worried Lincoln wouldn’t get it or he would want to take his costume off but after the first few stations and handfuls of candy he was like I’M IN LET’S DO THIS. Isabelle loves being with her cousins, it’s like the rest of us don’t exist and they are in their own little world. It was really fun to do something new at Disneyland that we have never done before. 
the hand holding!
this costume just makes me laugh. Also nice photo bomb peter pan

day four, still going strong
I usually remember everything for this sort of trip. Lists of lists, really. But I forgot to pack the kids swimsuits for the splash pad and instead we played in extra jammies. Stay classy, San Diego.
The girls received a special fast pass ticket from one of the park employees for completing a challenge in bear country- it was good to skip the line on ANY ride at Disneyland for six people. They chose Peter Pan. Wise, wise children.

Linc thought his toes were teeny and Isabelle just kept rubbing his soft little head.

Matterhorn, funding Chiropractors since 1959

The one ride we did together, all 17 of us. Nemo

my whole life right there.

We are always sad to say goodbye on the last day. I’m not kidding when I say I get teary eyed leaving Main Street. 50 hours inside the gates in four days- we definitely got our money’s worth though. The kids just love to be together, and honestly the adults do too! We took turns watching each other’s kids so we could ride rides (this is my first trip in forever that I haven’t been pregnant or nursing so it was extra fun). We shared snacks and drinks and handed out extra clothes or diapers or wipes when needed. It takes a village, and we took the village with us. I’m lucky to have such an amazing husband who loves the park (almost) as much as I do, who is extremely helpful and up for the challenge of the trip. 
I know I already put this on instagram but it’s worth being said- My heart is full and some of those broken cracks are getting filled and smoothed over. Being with our family at Disneyland was the best medicine for me. 

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  1. i love everything about this.


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