disneyland, the first half

We’ve had a busy two weeks! Disney trip and a fifth birthday celebration for our Isabelle.

First things first. Disneyland. It has been so nice to have something to look forward to all summer long. When we planned it way back in June, it felt so far… things were painful and this little vacation was the perfect thing to lift our spirits and bring us together in the happiest way. For us, the magic of Disneyland extends way past the gates.. it feels like a home away from home, a place where we unplug and do fun things and pause the chaos of our lives to just enjoy being together.

I know this trip would be different- not having Max with us would be obvious and difficult. We went to Disneyland three times while I was pregnant with Maxwell and this would have been his first trip. Morgan came with Margo and new baby Archer.. I didn’t know how it would be to hold and be around a newborn baby that wasn’t mine.. I was nervous about how that would go. Morgan and I were pregnant at the same time- both with boys, and now hers is here and mine is not. We arranged for me to be able to meet and hold Archer at the hotel, in private, so that I could experience those difficult emotions and meet this little spirit so fresh from heaven.

Of course I cried- we cried together.. Archer is so small, he felt so much smaller than Maxwell did. It was emotionally difficult to hold him, but at the same time it was so healing! I know Max sent him down with some extra snuggles for me and I got to hold him as long as I wanted to. As I held him I could feel Max near me, the veil is so thin especially with children. It was sad for me but not hard, does that even make sense? Archer is not Max, and no baby will replace him. He felt different. He was different. After that, being around that new little baby wasn’t painful- it was okay.  He is beautiful, and I’m so thankful to Morgan for sharing with me. I can do hard things.

We got to the park early enough on Sunday to get tickets to meet Elsa and Anna. Every time we go, the wait is 2-3 hours for the meet and greet. NO THANK YOU. But they instituted a reservation-type ticket so we scored some of those (thanks Scott) and were all able to meet the princesses at noon. The girls were THRILLED.


Lincoln’s best Bob Fosse

classic lincoln face
our crew (missed Seanie’s family and uncle JR!)
matching matching squared
lincoln’s smile is KILLING me lately. Like halfsie sideways

Lincoln misses Margo so much.

Ohhh my heart.
Hemlich’s- always a favorite.

coming up on part two… trick or treating done right.

1 thought on “disneyland, the first half

  1. I love reading about your family, and your Disney posts are always my favorite. I think it's so incredible that you get to do these things with your kids and their aunts and uncles and cousins and oh man, you are so obviously building THE best childhood memories for them.


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