memorial day

Maxwell’s plot is just behind them, with the flowers.

Today we had a picnic at “Maxwell’s Park” to celebrate memorial day. The kids ate donuts and played with the wind chimes while we walked around looking at headstones. The come in all sizes and shapes, and colors, some tall some short. Shiny, matte. Rough edges, smooth. Stuff I’ve never really noticed before.

We stayed about an hour with our cousins and family. I know Max is near. When all the kids were sitting on the blanket eating donuts I just thought of his little self sitting right with them, sneaking bites of frosting.

JaNae brought some roses to lay for Max, and each of the kids got one to place on his grave. Kira was first and instead of laying down in the dirt, she stuck the stem in vertically. And of course, all of the other kids followed her lead. I would never have thought of that.. but to Kira- that was perfect. And it was just perfect. Bunch of roses sticking straight up out of the dirt. Kids make this whole thing so much better.

Later we went out on Grandpa’s boat for a few hours. Lincoln has been talking about grandpa’s boat for months and months and today he was SO EXCITED he was going to actually get in and go for a ride. Weather was beautiful, wasn’t too hot, there is still snow on Mount Shasta and it made for a pretty picturesque morning.

Lincoln sat on my lap when the boat was going fast and cuddled into my chest like he was a baby. We drove around and he nearly fell asleep on me, his little face pressed against my skin. His hair all crazy from the wind, fingers playing with my shirt sleeve. Tender time for me. I love babies, all the babies big and small, and today in particular I’m missing that 9-pound one of mine a whole lot.

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