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Mom look dis is our whole family! Mom Dad Izzie Linc and baby Max!

I think summer is officially here. Temperatures have hit 100 degrees and we are spending a lot of time outdoors and in the water. Staying busy keeps my mind busy, and that is helpful. Morgan and Margo are here for five more weeks- JR has an intensive study program away from home so she bailed outta Phoenix to be here for awhile. It’s so nice to have her here. Play dates all the time.

Also, we are still waiting on the pathology report for Maxwell, it could be as long as July 24th. We just don’t know. My six week checkup is next week too.

Anyway. Dumped some of my iphone pictures onto my computer. I hardly get out my big camera anymore, it’s just too convenient to open my camera ap. We love our little patio outside, it’s a perfect little size for us. We eat breakfast out there pretty much every morning before it gets too roasting hot. We have this hilarious neighbor cat that is more like a dog- Butterscotch. He trots over whenever the kids are outside and just hangs out with us. It’s like having a pet without all the work, I definitely recommend it.

this is what I mean when I say the cat acts like a dog.
Her first big strawberry from her very own pot.
Helping me plant. Mostly just playing with dirt.

Linc used to be pretty afraid of the water… we bought them these floaties from Costco this year and they have loved them. I know there is some argument about giving them too much freedom in the water or giving them a false sense of security, but they seem to know they aren’t allowed in the pool without their floaties on, and we are always right there with them. At first Lincoln wouldn’t leave the step, but with a little encouraging from Isabelle pretty soon he was swimming all over the pool. They held hands for awhile until Lincoln was comfortable. Isabelle kept saying “You can do it Winc! You can do it! I’m wight here! I gotcha… I gotcha!” Basically the most adorable thing ever.  
Sometimes Lincoln finds my locket with the picture of the baby and he says, “ohhh baby Maaaaax.” and then gives him a kiss. I really am so thankful that he is still a cuddly kid, it makes me feel so needed.

A few days ago Lincoln fell on the tile floor and chipped his front tooth pretty badly. He hardly cried, and I think I was more upset about it than he was. Amid the chaos of calming him down and having my dad assess the damage I yelled I JUST CAN’T KEEP MY KIDS SAFE!! After losing Maxwell, even though he was an infant, I have this constant worry that something will happen to my other children. I’ve been told that it’s perfectly normal, but still I can’t help but notice all of the random objects that could be death traps for my kids. Pools. Roads. Cars. Toys. Sharp objects. You get the idea. And no, I can’t really keep my kids perfectly safe. They will always fall and scrape knees and probably break bones and knock out their teeth even if I am hovering around them with a force field of bubble wrap. This is life, and I just have to have faith that I can only do my best, and the rest is in the hands of our Father in Heaven.

2 thoughts on “iphone archives

  1. Side note: not fair that your make up and hair are always perfect… and I love that your boy thinks cats are great pillows 🙂


  2. Linc is such a great kid.


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