Well I better get this up on the blog before you are bombarded with photos of the upcoming birth of our third child this week. (helllo!!!) We had a really fun and busy weekend together with our friends and family- easter egg hunts and play dates and church and of course honey ham. Easter = ham.

Saturday we had the egg hunt at my moms for the kids. I say kids but I also mean the grown ups because there are always a few special eggs hidden with gift cards in them… I’m proud to say Jazz found the golden egg this year. Great job, Mr. Sorensen.

39 weeks and change. Yikes.

Izzie had a tiny cast last year for the Easter egg hunt! This year was much easier.

I spy.

Linc kept putting his hands up and saying MO?! Mo?!

His bounty.

The girls came up here to examine their treasures and swap candy. 

Linc was pretty excited that he could just open the eggs and eat whatever he wanted. As you can see, not all of it ended up in his mouth. He picked through and ate all the blue things first. Obsessed with blue.

Sunday we went to church with my brother and his family at 9. We usually have church at 1, and Lincoln is a hot mess because it’s nap time.. anyway I made the executive decision to get a sub for my class and go with our family early so we could all have a peaceful Easter afternoon together before dinner.

This is her super excited face.
The first part of the morning was glorious. Baskets and chocolate and peeps. Then there was the scramble to get everyone ready and make it to church on time…meltdown mode for mom. Seriously. Lincoln’s outfit wasn’t working (Why are boy’s easter clothes so difficult to find. I have searched and searched and could not shell out the dough for janie and jack even though my heart wanted to so much.) Anyway. His outfit wasn’t working, the shirt was like for a lumberjack and the tie and pants didn’t quite match and then we couldn’t find his tiny belt anywhere and my hair was still wet and Jazz calmly suggested taking Linc to a later meeting and I’m in his room with big tears “IT’S EASTER WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE TOGETHER!” Sob sob sob. Hormones.
Finally just put Lincoln in regular church clothes. Discarded the tie which he refused to wear in the first place. Found his belt in my closet. (?)  Lincoln saw me approaching with hair gel in my hands and dove right into the corner of the table… huge black and blue goose egg riiight in the middle of his forehead. But we made it to church just in time to receive the Sacrament…which is sort of the whole point. Deep breath, carry on. The rest of the day was really nice, Jazz chased the kids all around the yard while I mostly sat around. I’m so helpful.
I love their hugs so much.
can you see his bruise. 

Few more days and we will have a baby update! yay!

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