deep thoughts at 39 weeks

look what I can do. bonus.
well. I got another cold.
but my eyelashes are done!
and I’m coughing a lot.
but the baby stuff is packed!
and I have no energy.
but only a week to go!
and it is hot outside.
but it is Easter weekend!
and I’m out of sonic ice.

Measuring 41 weeks at 39. Awesome. She says its because he is still floating and isn’t “engaged” but also maybe this baby is big. Sure feels like he is sitting riiiiight there on all of my lungs. Also I think my patience has totally run out. Like I have no more for the duration of the pregnancy, that’s it, it’s over. Sorry everyone who I may or may not hit in the face, it’s not you, it’s me. Hormones are making me crazy.

Important questions: Do I have to wash my hair today. Who is bringing me more sonic ice. Why is costco out of chocolate granola. Also who gave jimmy fallon permission to take the week off. Why are boys easter clothes so difficult to find. Is it appropriate for me to wear yoga pants to church. When will burrito bandito deliver.

4 thoughts on “deep thoughts at 39 weeks

  1. Lol – Micci. I love your posts. You are seriously awesome and your Blog is fun to read. You're hilarious and I love the way you word things. Hang in there. Seriously. I know it totally sucks at the end. Bad.


  2. Oh i feel you!! The end is miserable without a cold, so you've double misery! And i say wear those yoga pants, or if you're not ready to get 100 you're ready to pop comments, stay home and make a freezer meal or stare at his baby clothes or sleep!


  3. Burrito Bandito. Mmmmmmm…..


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