insta-update and word vomit.

It’s still raining. We need the rain desperately so I can’t be mad at it but man. I’m done being inside. Every time we drive somewhere Lincoln screams PARK PARK PARK and poor kid just doesn’t understand he can’t go play when everything is wet. I just dropped Isabelle off at preschool and intended to grab a few things at the grocery store but Linc just wasn’t having it. Home we went. You win me today, Lincoln.

Isabelle said the opening prayer in primary on Sunday. She included Mom, Dad, Lincoln and the baby, as well as Aunt Fabs, Uncle Jared, baby quinn, And Aunt “Modan” twice. Also please bless Heavenly Father and the earth. And the rain. Amen.

She is obsessed with this idea from a Fancy Nancy book- where Madilyn can live next door and Grandma can live on the other side and she can pass notes and mail in baskets through the window. She keeps asking me when I’m going to make that happen. She also asks to go to Disneyland every day. When she dresses up, she plays pretend airplane to Disneyland. Then we have to unpack at the hotel, sleep on a bunk bed, and head to the pretend park where we ride pretend rides. In princess costume.

Lincoln made it almost two full hours at church before he had a meltdown in nursery and was delirious on my shoulder in the hallway. His cheeks were pink, his ears were all warm and red, and he was SO TIRED. But I think probably by next December we will have him used to 1 pm church. Just in time to switch. Last Sunday he crawled ten benches behind us, then sprinted across the entire chapel. I kid you not. I was so embarrassed as I waddle jogged in front of everyone trying to to catch him . He just turned and smirked and ran faster. Stinker. Ugh but he looked so cute.

He has to take several tiny cars everywhere we go, specific ones not just any cars. The Blue One. Lightning McQueen. The tiny green one. Mater. You know. Jazz joked that we should buy him a fanny pack for his crap. Can you picture that? Lincoln and and a fanny pack full of cars… would be so awesome.

I just read the Beyonders series by Brandon Mull. It was awesome and now I feel that post-book letdown where I’m not sure what to do with my spare time. Lucky for me, Sabrina keeps a list going for me to get through. She is the book guru. And surprisingly good at Yahtzee.

In other news, I’m not decorating for Easter this year. The baby is coming that week and I don’t want to feel pressure to clean it up and take it down and mostly I’m just too tired. Good thing my mom’s house looks like the Easter bunny lives there. Thanks mom for being awesome.


oh the glorious days of two weeks ago/ can’t eat enough ice.


baby clothes clean and folded!/ Isabelle decorated this “fancy cake for gwammas.”


nite nite/ baby salts


naked babe/ break for mom

Linc is getting freckles on his nose and cheeks!

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