38 Weeks

In a few days, I’ll be 38 weeks. Full term. Could go anytime. It’s just a matter of days now. DAYS, PEOPLE.

Last Thursday I had some contractions in the night-I was asleep and in my dream I had contractions strong enough to wake me up! Consistent contractions- 4-5 minutes a part for three hours. I was like whaaaaat is happening. If it was day time I might have called L and D but it was the middle of the night and I wasn’t calling the on call people. Nope. So I gave myself until morning to feel better and about 5 am I fell asleep and the contractions stopped. Then I panicked like get my hair done! Get the kids’ hair trimmed! Pack some crap in a bag for the hospital! Type up all of Lincoln’s quirks so my mom knows what to do when he freaks out! I’ve never had contractions early like that before- which is ironic because this is the first time I’m not supposed to go into labor on my own. Now it is this weird game of chicken where I try to get everything done as close to delivery as possible without actually going past the delivery.

Anywayyyy. Still pregnant. Still eating ice like its goin’ out of style. I just ran out of my fourth ten pound bag in as many weeks and me and the kids popped down to Anderson today for another twenty pounds and some tater tots. So weird. It could be worse, it isn’t chips or chocolate or crack so that’s good. Lots of hiccups, lots of elbows and knees. Starting to ache in my back when I sleep… sometimes I’m like okay I’m DONE laying down. When I get up it takes me a few minutes to get moving. Rolling over is like a three point turn. You know, standard third trimester crap. Bless my patient husband for picking up the slack around the house and with our children.

hey YOU in there. get out.

Not a lot on the horizon, minus the whole baby thing this month. Not a day goes by that I’m not thankful for this whole process- it feels like I’ve been pregnant for a long time. I told Sabrina I’ve been pregnant longer than Quinn has been born and it was like WHAT but she is crawling now and has teeth! Last week Lincoln woke up half way through his nap just totally screaming. I don’t know if he had a bad dream, or was uncomfortable, or what, but he wanted me to rockabye him. Izzie was napping in my bed, and so I laid Lincoln down in between us and he was still so tired he slept right on me. It was like the best hour of my whole life, all my babies sleeping, I could hear their little breathing patterns slow and deep, their little pink cheeks and softie faces. This is my life. I chose this. I’m so glad I did.

It seems weird to me that these are my last days with just two children. After the baby is born I’m sure we won’t remember a time before him, he will be a part of our family just like Izzie and Linc. Our adventures out of the house are a little bittersweet knowing life is about to change. In a good way! In a busy way, I think.

Left on my to-do list: Put together easter baskets. Clean everything. Pack hospital bag. Find subs for primary music. Get lashes touched up. Change my nail polish. Buy food. Install the car seat. You know, just the essentials. Do we have a name… Yes? I think so. I’m Ron Burgundy?

Also– I always do a guessing game for delivery date/weight and size… leave your best guess! I’m officially due April 26th, with the surgery scheduled a few days before that. But with the way I’ve been feeling, maybe baby will be early? Who knows.

3 thoughts on “38 Weeks

  1. Are you shoes from Target? I have fat feet and was wondering if they were comfortable or not. I love them! You looks great. And I think 8lb. 1oz. 21″.


  2. sexy cardi. 9lb 1 oz, 21 inches. a full head of hair. i think you will be listening to beyonce at the time.


  3. I guess 7lbs 10oz…about 20 inches tall! Good luck! You look fabulous, you are such a pro at this whole pregnancy thing!


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