catching up.

giant hole.

Hey good news I’ve rejoined the land of the living!

Sidenote- Isabelle has been so helpful. “Mom do you need a foff-drop?” The other day she said, “oh dad is gonna be so proud of me.. he told me to take good care of you while he was gone and I am doing a great job.” Yes Isabelle, you sure are. She is so sweet.

Anyway, I’m happy to report that all my blood work came back in the “normal” range so now we are just sort of watching to see if the high bp was due to being so sick? or what? I just have to go see my OB weekly now (which is only a week ahead of schedule anyway.) My guess is baby will still be born end of April, as scheduled. Obviously nameless.

For a few days there was talk of baby coming early. Not super early, just a few weeks, but it was enough to push me into like OMG WE ARE GOING TO HAVE THREE KIDS. Quick get all the stuff! We are so¬†comfortable in our world of two- not that everyday is sunshine and rainbows but we have routines. I can leave the house and run errands and we have lots of freedom to do what we want. I remember writing a post so similar to this one before Lincoln was born, something about how we will eventually return to a “new normal.” And we have. I love our normal. And some time after we add baby #3 to the mix, we will find a balance of normal again. It takes me a good six months with a newborn to start to function again and be able run errands/have a schedule/not want to be asleep every minute of the day. And that’s okay, at least I am consistent.

I panicked of course and put aside the hospital stuff for the baby and made sure we had enough toiletries/diapers/newborn essentials to last awhile. Everything is washed and organized into sizes and mostly ready to go. I hurried and finished my sewing projects… I need to schedule my pre-baby hair appointment, find subs for my primary class, tie up some loose ends. It is crazy how I can’t remember stuff from two previous deliveries…. drugs and hormones are powerful. But I’m so excited! Frog baby!

The weather has been sooo beautiful, and we have been outside as much as possible. I know when the baby comes it will be a little harder to manage, so we have been taking advantage of the extra daylight. Lincoln is being so crazy adorable lately I can hardly stand it. He carries cars everywhere with him. He pretends to feed them and tuck them into bed. He likes to say “ka-chow!” when he’s playing with lightnight mcqueen. He feels like such a baby to me still! He hate a late nap the other day so when it was time to wake up I snuck in his room and took pictures of him sleeping so soundly. His little lips! agh.

so proud to be helping.
saturday dinner al fresco
the kid loves water.
not sure if it is quite warm enough for this…

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