down and out

Remember when I said I had a cold.

Present tense. HAVE. Turns out it is more of a severe sinus infection (I’ve never had one?) with this crazy smoker hacking chest cough. My face hurts. My sides hurt. My ribs hurts. My teeth hurt. Cheekbones hurt. Seriously I’ve never been this sick for this long before, day 12 today. I cough so hard I barf a little. It’s so miserable. I’m on antibiotics now, but there just isn’t a lot I can take while I’m growing this baby, you know? I feel like a zombie in the morning after tossing and turning and hacking most of the night, it takes me hours to function.

I had my regular checkup today and my blood pressure was up quite a bit and I was spilling protein. Bad sign. They checked my fluid (at a 16?) and did a NST and all that was fine. I had to do some blood work and I’m waiting to get that back to see if I have to do a 24 hour urine catch. Isn’t that fun. Let’s hope everything is fine and I can keep cooking this baby.

Anyway. I’ve over being sick. I’m so thankful for Jazz and for my mom who have helped so so so much. As soon as Jazz gets home he takes the kids. He even CLEANED the bathroom on Saturday, literally I was speechless. And today mom kept the kids while I had my appointments and brought us dinner. I always feel so guilty accepting help but sometimes I need it. My OB told me “take it easy” and “lay down” and I was like uhhhh what about the little minions that need lunch and drinks and can climb onto dangerous things. Tell them to lay down too then.

Mama needs a break. And some better drugs.

1 thought on “down and out

  1. I'm so sorry you feel yucky, that's no fun. Take care.


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