disney deja vu

This disney trip was a little bit different. Since we had just recently been, and I took both kids without Jazz, and I’m almost 8 months pregnant… we cut some corners. First of all, I didn’t bring my big Nikon. Just too much to carry, too much to worry about- and I don’t love to leave it on the stroller when we ride rides. So all pictures are iPhone. We drove down family style, in the Suburban, Mom, me and the kids, Morgan and Margo. We all stayed in one big hotel room- Isabelle got to sleep on the top bunk and I’m pretty sure it was the highlight of her trip. She felt so grown up. IT HAS A LADDER, she kept telling me.

This trip was 100% kid stuff. No grown up rides. No fast passes (my dad would have been appalled.) Just toddler territory but it was still so much fun. There is still so much to do! We did parades and shows and nap time under a big tree in Bear Country. It was a little bit busier than last month but we were there for park open every morning- helps to be early! One of my favorite parts is watching the kids see their favorite characters during the parades. Iz loves the princesses, Margo went nuts for Tinkerbell, and Lincoln practically jumped out of his seat when Mater drove by. Izzie’s favorite ride- Dumbo, teacups, and the merry go round. Lincoln’s favs- monorail, the railroad, and heimlich’s choo choo.

can you find margo

Lincoln’s all “SQUIRREL.”

My kids have the greatest Grandma in the world. She was so much help there is no way I could have done this trip without her.


My mom NEVER rides tea cups but took one for the team so I could sit this one out.
We also ran into some friendly faces. My friend Tyler and his wife Nicole were there with their two boys, so we caught up with them for awhile. Also, I ran into Ashley Hawley from highschool? Been probably ten years. Her parents used to live across the street from where I live now. SMALL WORLD.  We also saw our most favorite teenage baby sitters there with their family. 

The last night in the park we closed with the parade, then did a few more bonus rides in Fantasyland before heading home. After our last ride, I was carrying Lincoln and he wrapped his little toddler arms around my neck so tight and gave me a big fat kiss. Like hey mom, I know I’m a lot of work but I really had a good time on this trip and thanks for not leaving me at home. Disneyland is magic. Linc threw some truly epic fits while we were there but I swear that ten seconds of him hugging and giving kisses was totally worth it. Times fifty. It was still hard to leave.
Isabelle loved this trip being the oldest kid she got some special treatment and one on one time while the babies were napping. She didn’t nap a single day just ran crazy from one ride to the next. She calls “churros” “cheerios.” That is my favorite.
We were riding the train one evening and as we were about to pull out of the station, some late comers ran to the fence hoping to hop on. They had missed the boarding time, and Lincoln shook his finger at them and yelled NO NO NO as loud as he could. Made me laugh.

Also, the park at 31 weeks pregnant? Totally do-able but also a little exhausting! We walked a ton, to and from our hotel and all around both disneyland and california adventure. We logged about 38 hours in the park and about a million miles. I almost stole someone’s moby a couple times and yes, fine I was waddling a little bit, but I made it! Thanks a lot in part to my mom and morgan for helping juggle all of my children. I drank a bunch and didn’t have any swelling in my feet really until the very last night. Then, kankles.

Loved this little bonus “girls + lincoln” trip we had, especially as we count down the weeks until we welcome baby #3.

1 thought on “disney deja vu

  1. Good for you for having the guts to tackle Disneyland while pregnant!!! I cry when I have to walk to my mailbox….. Now I feel like a wussy.


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