a late surprise

So Tuesday I dropped Isabelle off at preschool and me and Lincoln headed to Joanne’s to bulk up my supply of girly prints for burpies and blankies for the baby. Shortly thereafter, I had a 32-week appointment with an ultrasound to check on the baby’s growth measurements.

Conversation went like this:

OB: So do we know what we are having?
Me: Yeah, it’s a girl.
OB: Are we sure? Because those look a lot like testicles.
Me: Weird, cause it’s a girl.
OB: Yeahhhhhh it’s a boy. Those are balls.
Me: Well that’s sure a surprise.
Shocked was sort of an understatement. Our last ultrasound we were given an 80% likelihood it was a girl. Turns out that twenty percent really gets ya. We were so surprised. So surprised.
If I’m going to be completely honest, I got in the car and I cried my face off. Ugly cry. Not because I don’t want another little boy. Little boys are awesome. I can’t believe how much I love Lincoln. But because in my mind I had made plans for a little girl- we had a name. We had new pink stuff. Tiny pink leather shoes are sitting in my closet. Isabelle was going to have a sister! In eight weeks! I’m such a planner so to switch gears this late in the game… it’s been interesting. Carbs help. 
So we’ve spent the past few days wrapping our heads around having a second boy in the house. WHAT ARE WE GOING TO NAME HIM. Every so often we look at each other and say, “dude, we are having a boy. It’s a boy in there….a boy.” Hot damn.
Oh sweetie pie Isabelle. I told her that the baby was a boy baby, and that Heavenly Father sent us a surprise and wouldn’t it be so fun! And she said, “But Mom. I weally wanted a girl baby.” Kill me. She has warmed up to the fact that there is nothing we can do to change it and has recommended that we name him “Pancake” after her most beloved food.
Also can I say how BETRAYED I am by my brain? Because I was COMPLETELY convinced this was a lady pregnancy. It so much more resembles carrying Isabelle than Lincoln- I can’t believe how wrong I was. I would have bet money that because of the way I felt, I was growing a girl in there. I guess every pregnancy is completely crazy and different and there is no correlation because everything is random and weird. I have no control. I have no control. 
The more I get used to it, the more excited I am. Lincoln will have a little playmate. And I get to re-use all my cute boy stuff! And the baby can move in to the blue grey nursery! And from my experience, boys are so cuddly and soft and Lincoln is such a mama’s boy, I’m really excited to have another. Baby boy was measuring right on for 32 weeks- is already over 4 pounds and everything looks healthy and well. And in the end, is that all we really want? 
It’s a boy. Surprise.

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