valentine’s day, better late than never.

Yep I know I’m two weeks late with this post… but we accidentally went to Disneyland….again. Me and the kids were gone most of last week back down to the magic kingdom– we just can’t stay away! Morgan was supposed to go with us last month but Margo got pneumonia and Mo had the flu and it just didn’t happen. Their season passes expired the 22nd so we squeezed in a bonus trip to hang out with them before they were outside the circle of trust. And what is better than a grown up family roadtrip? Anyway.

We had a nice Valentine’s day. Treats. Visiting our peeps. Nap time. Usual stuff. But with pink sprinkles. Isabelle really got into this holiday and wanted to make “frafts” for everyone. She came home from her preschool party with a sack full of goodies to share. And her little Valentines she gave to everyone— oh man her hand writing is killing me. The little shaky mismatched letters are my favorite.

are my kids the only ones that prefer not being dressed.
making her rice krispy treats/ modeling her new valentine swimsuit

delivering goodies to grandpa

He is so snuggly and warm. my littlest valentine

This is her favorite outfit of choice at my mom’s house when we crank the Frozen soundtrack.
From my husband. Bonus for Izzie. Very thoughtful.

Now we are home from our trip (again.), we had a fun and busy Saturday with three bonus kids while my brother and his wife spent the day at the temple. (We do tradesies. ) Today I had to call in sick to life. Literally got a substitute for my church primary responsibilities. Let the kids watch Cinderella at 9:30 AM. Naps for everyone. Just needed a rest day, you know?

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