30 Weeks

30 Weeks! Third Trimester! Countdown to the end now! Exclamation Point!
Oh I’m feeeeelin it now. The baby is like 3 pounds? 16 inches long? Taking up a ton of real estate and makes bending HARD. All those toys on the ground? Yeah they can just stay there. I know it’s only going to get worse, especially that last bit…
Best moment this week. I made a quick trip to target to grab a few things and lift our rainy day moods and as I jumped back in the car my pants split. Not like ripped a little bit, like the whole entire seat part ripped… a good 8 inches. I’ve never torn pants before and yeah these pants were from my first pregnancy but still. New low even for me. Time to throw those out.
In general I feel great! Sleeping is still good… although I’ve started experiencing some restless leg syndrome? Have you heard of this? I’ve never had it before but the past few weeks I get these little lightning sparks in my legs that make them wiggle. Sounds ridiculous actually now that I just typed it out. I’ve been bad about taking my prenatal vitamins so I’m making sure I take those now to increase my iron and it’s helping. So weird. And I love eating slushy ice which is so weird for me because I hate chewing ice. The best is to take some diet 7-up, put it in an empty water bottle and into the freezer for about 45 minutes. THE BEST. Also, Mexican food is a no go…heartburn of mass proportions. 
Shy baby is moving a lot now, but I notice it more when I’m sitting or laying down. She is sneaky though and when I try to get other people to feel her, she totally stops. Stage fright I guess. I feel like she is sitting transverse or something because I feel her WAY out on my side and I’m like, how can you even be over there? Feels a lot more like when I was pregnant with Isabelle than when I was pregnant with Lincoln.
Aced the glucose test. Also, I switched OB’s. It was sort of a process and I’ll write a different post about it but the good news is I’m excited about my new doctor and feel really good about making the jump.
Hard to think that in ten weeks the baby will be out instead of in and my life will drastically different. Well, maybe not drastically because we will be doing most of the same things just with a newborn in tow but you know what I mean. I am so looking forward to a teeny baby and froggy legs and that little shape they take when they are asleep on your shoulder. Jazz is bringing home all the baby stuff this week from storage so I can sort it out and organize it and I’m SO excited. I love to organize crap. When I tucked all those tiny clothes away a few years ago, baby Izzie had just outgrown them all and now we get to use them again. 

1 thought on “30 Weeks

  1. SHE is sneaky. Heh. Very very sneaky hiding parts and all that. Also I had terrible RLS with my second. I found that eating a banana in the evening helped calm it down as well as the raging heartburn.


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