a project

Saturday was a pretty mellow rainy day and we were just kind of puttering around the house so I tackled a project I’ve been ignoring for awhile. We got these chairs off of craigslist with our table last year (two years ago?) and I’ve been meaning to recover them. Bought the fabric months and months ago… and it’s been sitting in the closet. Of course.

Anyway, once I started removing the staples there was no going back. A few hours later I had brand new chairs! Yesssss. Total cost, under $30.

I’m feeling nesty the last few weeks and it’s weird not having a nursery to set up or worry about. I’m itching to get out all the old baby clothes and go through all of them but I’m not sure where to put them yet. Dresser? Our room? Izzie’s room? Isabelle was a Utah winter newborn, and this baby will be a California spring newborn.. we may have to do some shopping. (Just kidding Jazz! 70/30).

The rain has been a welcome change, and it’s supposed to rain the rest of the week and I’m totally good with that. Maybe it will force me to work on a few more neglected projects…

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