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Welp. It happened again. Little jaunt to Anaheim for a few days at The Park. It just doesn’t ever get old for us, ever. And almost every time we leave on the last day, I cry just a little bit. MAGIC. and also PREGNANCY.

It was the maiden voyage road trip for our van, and if I loved it before, now it is my soulmate. I freakin love my car. So much room! We loaded up Tuesday morning, drove for 9 hours, and showed up at our hotel just in time for baths and bed.

There are some definite advantages to going to Disneyland in January/February. 1. The weather. 2. The weather. and also 3. The weather. Okay.. also, fewer crowds. The park opens up a little later- at 9 am so there is no pressure to be super early. But if you have children, you will be up early anyway because it’s against hotel rules for them to sleep normally. “The sky is awake.. so I am awake..so we have to play!”
If you want to avoid crowds, go during the week on the off season. Wednesday was so magical because we killed that day dead with a sword, seriously we hit so many rides/attractions/shows. WE DID ALL THE THINGS. It was the 50th Anniversary of Sleeping Beauty or some nonsense so we got special wrist bands to stay an extra two hours in Fantasyland after the park closed to ride the kid rides. And Maleficent was out in character taking pictures.. I guess that never happens?

but BOATS.
Lincoln’s main objective on this trip was to run away from us. Not unusual from our regular day to day life, except he had hundreds of acres to hide in. We (I) did lose him one day for about five solid minutes.. I’ll tell you about that in a sec.

Line for the princesses

Oh hey there did you want to see my dimples.
Mom teaching Iz her friendly gang signs.
So we stayed extra late and the park cleared out and when we left there was NO ONE on main street. I could not believe it. I kept saying “what should we do! There is no one here!”
Jazz’s pedometer logged almost ten miles the first day. 
Should I just smoosh this all into one post? Probably.

Excited for day two- California Adventure.
scuse me may I please come in.

“So those are teeth and you are gonna wanna use them to eat things.”
So this picture was taken right before I lost Lincoln. We just rode his favorite Heimlich’s ChoChoo or whatever the hell it is called. The grown ups ran to ride a big ride, and me and Mom stayed with the kids. Five kids, two adults, no problem. Well we let them out of their strollers for a snack and literally in two seconds Lincoln was g-o-n-e. I was totally paying attention, wasn’t distracted, just he was there and then he wasn’t. We were sort of in an intersection so there were several ways to wander. Mom ran one way, I ran the other, I yelled at the other kids to get in the strollers and stay there. And I ran yelling ANYONE SEE A TODDLER IN A STRIPED HOODIE. TWO YEAR OLD MISSING PLEASE HELP. Seriously, I yelled that. As I’m running my giant pregnant body around, I’m sure it was a stellar moment for me. Anyway, some teenager said oh yeah does he have a mohawk. YES HE DOES! Oh he ran that way. And sure enough, a kind Asian man was trying to encourage Linc to turn around. Clear around the corner from where we started. I was never so thankful in my whole life. Thank you, older asian man, thank you teenager, thanks random middle aged lady for not judging me and just pointing in his direction. After that Lincoln was grounded to his stroller for awhile. Worst parenting moment by far.
Grandma makes everything fancier.

I love this picture. You should see the the people behind the camera distracting Linc. Thanks, family.

Izzie rode the matterhorn! 

Get to Toontown as it opens, it’s worth it to be first to see Mickey

Jungle Cruise. Always a must.
The best little pals. Seriously, Isabelle wants to do everything Madilyn does.

By the end of the trip, we were all pretty exhausted. Over 30 miles walked…we opened/closed the park several days in a row. I gotta make a major shout out here to my spouse because he did not complain a single time, not once- and I understand that this is a big trip.. not everyone loves disneyland as much as we do and he was such a good sport about all the rides and helping with the kids. I can’t go on most rides since Shy Baby is gestating and he willingly took both kids on the rides I was excluded from. He smiled for pictures, though they are not his favorite by far. He stayed late, he got up early, he had sore feet and still he grabbed Linc to change a dirty diaper whenever he could. Cheers to you, Mr. Sorensen, for being such a great disney partner. Couldn’t have done it without you.

Both the kids are at such a fun age to take to Disneyland- Izzie is tall enough for some major rides like Cars Racers and the Matterhorn. (Though both, not her favorite. Teacups still reigns supreme.) Lincoln understands characters now and really was excited to see his favorite peeps in big form- he smiled SO much when he met Mickey. Izzie didn’t need a mid-day nap, which was nice, and Lincoln sacked out in the reclined stroller for a few hours in the afternoon. I feel like it just gets more fun slash chaotic. We are about to throw a third in the mix and I’m not sure how that will go once we are outnumbered!

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