Boat Birthday

So Lincoln is sort of obsessed with boats. He loves them. When we go to my parents’ house, Linc always has to go out to my dad’s garage and check on the jetski he is rebuilding. He always points out boats on water and in any book we are reading.. and when we speak of Disneyland he always pipes up BOAT BOAT BOAT. So when we were thinking of birthday ideas nothing fit quite like a boat party.

Hi, we are cute.

candy sacks for the pinata 

starfish cookies.
(These cookies should be a food group. They are so addicting.)

The food was actually fun and easy to do- we did kid-friendly lunch… so hot dog boats, grilled cheese sails, fruit salad, and chips/fishies. I love the little hot dog boats they make me laugh.

We all ate some food and then Lincoln opened his presents… with some cousin help. Most of all Lincoln hates sharing so his mind was exploring that all the kids were playing with his favorite toys and I swear he tried to go around and collect them all so he could hoard them. Lots of crying. 
 Then we did the pull string pinata. TOTALLY AWESOME. I mean really, is it a good idea to hand bats to our 2-4 year olds and BLINDFOLD them and tell them to beat down a paper mache shape? No, no it is not. They were all so cute in a little line taking turn pulling the strings off… then Linc did the last few.

Isabelle’s sunglasses. Really.

Cake time!

Blurry but still cute.
After the party, Lincoln slept for like 3 1/2 hours. He was EXHAUSTED.  Nailed it. 
Happy Birthday Linc! We love you!

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