Linc turned two.

Tuesday was Lincoln’s birthday and it was about 70% awesome. We had stellar day until about 4:30, and then Lincoln starting throwing up. The flu, on his birthday, so sad slash gross.Nothing is more depressing than a dry heaving toddler. Tmi? Nah. It was his first experience with it and he kept looking at me like MOM WHY IS THIS HAPPENING MAKE IT STOP. He was so angry! And then sad.

Anyway, like I said, MOST of the day was really fun. Isabelle had preschool, and after we dropped her off we had the whole morning to run errands/hang out just the two of us. That picture from the last post on the firetruck? We literally found this giant truck in the parking lot and I knocked on the window and asked them if I could take a picture. Lincoln’s eyes were huge like BIG TRUCK BIG TRUCK. “Hi Um it’s his birthday and you have a large truck is it okay if we take a picture? mkay thanks!”

Presents in some Christmas jammies. 
This is a horrible quality phone picture but his face! He loves boats!
We visited Grandpa at work, got some special birthday cookies, hit the park, picked up Isabelle from school and went to have lunch at the hospital with Jazz. 
Nothing like some birthday cafeteria food. 

Me and Iz hung out while Lincoln had a good birthday nap… And when I went in to get him after that Isabelle announced “Mom– Winkin Bahhfed.” Not my favorite words.
sad, sad, sad. so cuddly.
His second birthday ended a lot like his actual birthday. Asleep in my arms.
We had plans to go out to his favorite french fry place but instead, we followed him around with buckets and snuggled him while he watched cars. Isn’t that so unfair ! On his birthday! It’s taken him all week but he is getting back to his little spicy self. He has just wanted me to hold him, (which I secretly enjoy, even though he is 30 pounds) hasn’t eaten a whole lot, and wants to play with his new toys. We can deal with that. 
Saturday was his party and you know I took a bunch of pictures of that so that will be posted soon. Also, Lincoln does not like to share. Anything. Especially his favorite toys with his birthday guests.

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