Happy Birthday Lincoln Michael

Dear Lincoln, on your second birthday,

Ohhhh my Linc. Hard to believe that two years ago we didn’t even know you. We had no idea what kind of little person you would turn out to be- hard to remember our lives before you were a part of our little posse. Now we celebrate your graduation into toddler-hood, seems so weird that two years has come and gone since you were born. You were such a froggy newborn- I remember you laying on my chest like a puzzle piece I had been missing all of my life. You smelled so good and you were so soft. To this day you are the softest baby I have ever met- your ears are melty and your neck is soft and your hair is so fluffy and your forehead is squishy. Two years of growing and your body still fits me like a puzzle- just a whole lot bigger.

Today we dropped Isabelle off at preschool and me and you had the whole morning to ourselves. We ran errands, visited Grandpa at work for a treat, and picked up some birthday cookies to eat together after lunch. We stopped at the park before picking Isabelle up where you could run free and climb and slide to your heart’s content. This is your favorite- to be outside and to have the space to play and do what you want. I watched you carefully climb the stairs and navigate the play place like a pro. Then it was time to go and I had to carry you over my shoulder kicking and screaming to the car. You have some sass, Lincoln, and you are pretty stubborn and like to do things YOUR way. That’s okay with me, most of the time.

There is nothing in the world you love more than your sister. She is the first thing you ask for in the morning– “Belle? Belle?” and you always notice if she disappears from the room. You hate to be separated from her, and on the rare occasion that you are apart, you are constantly asking about her. You love her and hug her when she is sad or hurt. She watches out for you and includes you in her pretend play. I know it won’t always be like this, even now we have our fair share of disagreements over sharing… but for now you two are the best of friends.

Now you are fast asleep in your bed, with all of your four hundred stuffed animals and important soft things. When you are tired, your cheeks turn pink and rosy like when you were brand new. Your eyes get heavy and I know it’s time to lay you down. And sometimes at night when I check on you, it takes EVERY OUNCE of my willpower not to pick you up and rockabye you on my shoulder because you still are a baby to me. I love that you are a ‘mommas boy,’ and I hope that never changes but instead evolves as you grow.

I didn’t know how it would be to be a mother of a little boy. There are tiny cars all over the house- on my bathroom tile, by the fridge door, and in every purse/church bag/diaper bag we own. Dirty fingerprints frequent all of our doors and windows, little signature smears of your face and fingers. Rocks fall out of your pants pockets when I am sorting laundry. A boy lives here. Brown hair, blue eyes, soft porcelain skin- you are mine.

Happy Birthday to our vivacious, strong willed, unimaginably soft and sweet two year old. Please don’t go, we’ll eat you up we love you so.



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