the lead up to Christmas

Hard to know what to even blog about. Christmas Prep! Christmas Eve! Christmas Day! All the cousins! The massive quantity of food! Recap of 2013! Yikes.

Ehh let’s start with Christmas Prep and Christmas Eve. We had to make some cookies for Santa… and it just happened to be in our advent calendar a few days before Christmas.

Linc was in charge of quality control.

get it, kid!
Morgan and Sabrina and their families arrived last weekend. I have no concept of time, except it was the weekend before Christmas. A week ago? Is today a weekend? No?
This is Quinn and she is all fluff and smiles and she smells so good.
JaNae organized caramel apples one night. They were seriously delicious. Especially with 9 pounds of m n ms on them.

 Sunday was church, and I’ve already told you about that. But this picture. Oh man. These are my children.

Don’t tell but I for sure took this during church.
On Christmas Eve, we made a bunch of cinnamon rolls for our family to eat on Christmas morning, it’s a tradition (for only three years now but I’m determined to keep that one going.) We went over to my parents’ for a big crab dinner with our family. 
super excited for some presents.
Me and Margo. We became best buds this trip. Also, I’m pregnant.

I look forward to this meal for a year.
Linc and baby Quinn
The kids opened their new pajamas and slippers before our live nativity. 
how cute are these wiseman/shepherds

We read some stories with the kids, sang some songs around the piano and then headed home. We sprinkled reindeer food on the lawn…we put out our cookies and milk complete with a santa mug (thanks leigh). We tucked the kids in bed and got to work. We had a few things to put together and some last minute wrapping to do, but I think by about 11 we were in bed. 

I swear it is so much more fun to be the parent at Christmas than the kid. I love the anticipation of preparing and planning and waiting to see their little faces. It is so exciting to make the magic happen. Most of all, I’m thankful that because of my Savior Jesus Christ, this little family of mine is eternal. And that is what we celebrate at Christmas.

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