Christmas continued….

Can we pretend it isn’t 2014 yet? I’m just not quite ready. Maybe that’s the theme this year- a day late and a dollar short. Our family was here until Wednesday, and Thursday morning the flu came to town. I literally laid on the couch all day yesterday until Jazz got home from work and I cried at the sight of my salvation. Today is better… but we are behind already… we haven’t even taken down our Christmas decorations yet. (Tomorrows the day. I can feel it.) And a certain little boy turns TWO in a couple weeks. Yikes.

Anyway. I’m still posting about Christmas. Our morning was just as magical as we hoped. We opened presents and Santa’s gifts at our house, then went to moms for Christmas eggs and bacon and cinnamon rolls. And more presents.

Iz grabbed her stocking right away, Lincoln spotted his car thing and I swear he didn’t care about anything else after that.

Isabelle wanted a pink pony that she could ride, that was number one on her list. She was SO EXCITED that Santa came through for her. Complete with a hat. 

some cousin time.
Linc giving Buzz a kiss. 
me and Quinn working on our stink eye.

 We spent most of the morning with the whole family, then we came home for nap time. Kids were exhausted from all the festivities.

Aunt Leigh popped in for a visit.
This is what the girls spent 90% of their time doing- dressing up and singing Let It Go from the Frozen soundtrack about nine hundred times. They know all the words and seriously have choreography. It is so awesome to watch.
And this is how we all felt by the end of the day. *sigh*
The really only crappy part was Scott’s little girl Kira got the flu and ended up being sick most of the day so they couldn’t come over and play. We missed them. We had a big ham ring/turkey family dinner together then at about 10:30 Sean and his whole family arrived at the Redding Airport so we went to get them. The rest of our week was spent having cousin time, doing game nights- and we even surprised my parents with a 21-person photo shoot in the freezing cold on Saturday morning. We haven’t had pictures since I think 2004? So it was about time for an update. Twelve adults and nine grandchildren… can’t wait to get them back. 
the boys playing the most ridiculous lightning game ever.
Madilyn (5), Isabelle (4), Jakob (almost 4), Kira (3), Lincoln (2), Margo (19 mo), Allison (15 mo), Bennett (9 mo), and little Quinn (5 mo)

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