insta-update vol. 24?

Morgan told me she hates when I do instagram updates so this one is for her. It’s the only convenient way for me to keep copies of my instagrams on my blog so too bad for you, Morgan, don’t even read it.

putting up the tree


in the door, on the floor. / riding the turtle


asleep with her shades/ song time in nursery


soft fluffy morning baby/ nekkid in december


morning with flash/ stink face at barnes and nobles


reading christmas stories/ seeing christmas shows! sheesh.


snow day/ blowing off chores to see frozen again

church outfits. killing me.


letter to santa: Dear Santa, I have been a good girl. Pink Pony, Frozen stuff, Barbie house. And some dress ups for Lincoln. I will leave you cookies and carrots for your reindeer. They love carrots. Love, Isabelle


fetch with our favorite dog/ tiny santa suit


busy elves/ rolling the dough


fresh lemonade from gwammas tree/ the cousins converge

Christmas program at church
Morgan- don’t read this post because its just a silly instagram update. DON’T READ IT. Waste of time.
Anyway, For everyone else…we had a really nice Christmas program at church- Isabelle sang with the primary and I played some stuff on the harp. I had to be there early to set up/tune/practice so Jazz was in charge of getting the kids ready (minus Izzie’s hair. That’s level five.) and when they arrived at church ten minutes early in their red outfits I almost EXPLODED they looked so cute and I was so impressed that Jazz aced the morning schedule. Good job, spouse. I looked down our row and my family was there and I was just so happy and so thankful for my babies in their festive clothes and bright faces.
Our family has started arriving for the holiday week. So far there are lots of cousins to play with and not everyone is here yet! There will be 21 of us together on Christmas and the days following. Lincoln sort of hates sharing “his” toys at Grandmas house and so far is snatching and pushing and stealing things right and left. I know he is hitting the terrible twos so SORRY MARGO for him being so bossy/aggressive. We are working on it.
Gifts are wrapped, house is mostly clean and tidied, I have some more cinnamon rolls to bake tomorrow but we are so ready and excited for this week with our family. It is rare for us ALL to be together and we have been looking forward to this for a long time. We even have a baby sitter lined up for this weekend so we can play games and hang out later than our childrens’ bedtimes. Isabelle is so excited for Santa to come- we have been doing an activity advent all month long and so there is only one little door left to open before Christmas day and she can’t wait. She also magically knows a million Christmas songs and just sings them around the house. We have our cookies for Santa baked and she made reindeer food at preschool to sprinkle on the lawn for them to snack on. Christmas with kids is SO MUCH MORE FUN than actually being the kid! Who knew? Here’s to a Merry Christmas the whole week long. We will probably even push it to ten days…
Morgan I know you read it. It’s okay.

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