Family Pictures 2013

Well, now that the Christmas cards are addressed and sent, I thought I’d share some of our family pictures we took last month. Maybe it was October, I seriously can’t remember. Yeah, it was October.

The thing about family pictures is that you can do all the prep work, be 100% ready, have outfits picked out and ironed, kids bathed and combed, trunk packed full of props and snacks. And STILL have a challenging time. And by challenging time, I mean Lincoln Michael. Oh, that KID.

It rained all day. And it was like are we doing this? Is it cancelled? But it cleared up and we decided to go for it. So we get out there, and I’m driving, and I make the mistake of not getting great directions and of course we are lost and late and I HATE being late especially since I have taken the last oh, like 5 hours to get ready and be on time. We get all set up and Lincoln screams. Won’t let us hold him. Won’t stand still. Just wants to run free like the true little hippie explorer he is. We got some great shots of each kid, and even some of me and Jazz, but NO family pictures. Lincoln was completely uncooperative, even with my best bribes. I mean, he was 1 1/2, he really doesn’t care THAT much about a fruit snack.  And bless Katie’s heart- she was so patient and kind and non-judgey but in my mind I was like PULL IT TOGETHER.

And the sun set. And the kids were hungry. So we called it a day and rescheduled for three weeks later. Which meant three weeks more pregnant- another trip to get the bangs trimmed, wash and re-iron all the clothes etc. SO MUCH FUN.

This time we brought my mom. And an even larger assortment of distractions including a stuffed puppet pig. Aaaaand it was still torture. Lincoln did not want any part of the pictures, he wanted to hold his paci. And have an additional paci in his mouth. And he wanted to run away. We were making ridiculous noises, jumping around, trying to trick him into holding still. Nothing worked.

But you would never know it from the great pictures Katie got! Oh THANK YOU KATIE FOR BEING SO GOOD. Because hot damn, Lincoln was a tricky little subject. Of course Isabelle sat and posed like a perfect little model. Bless you, child.

I think this is about when we called it quits. I love the big fat real tears on his cheeks.

Also, I’m aware I post a lot of pictures of Lincoln crying or screaming. Morgan made sure I knew that. He is really opinionated and also his cry face is pretty funny and 90% of the time he is not crying.  So. 

Here is about a million.

i love this one.

running away. 

We look so much alike.

one of the many gems we have. 

3 thoughts on “Family Pictures 2013

  1. WHY do kids do that? Kelly does that every time we try to take pictures. It's instant freak out time and it truly sucks.GRRR! All you want is to have pictures that capture how adorable and cute they are normally. Regardless, they turned out pretty dang cute. I love the one of Isabelle kissing your cheek and the last one. So fun. Thanks for sharing them.


  2. Honestly, I can relate most to Lincoln in the whole family-photo experience. I would much rather put something in my mouth or go on adventure than have my photo taken. But somehow yours turned out beautifully! Love the sepia one with you and Iz!


  3. So beautiful! Seriously Micci… your family makes me… happy…


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