and now we know.

We went in for our 21 week anatomy scan last Tuesday and my OB was… less than thorough. It was a very brief and sort of anti-climactic ultrasound, which is exactly what it was like when I was pregnant with Lincoln. I don’t love my doctor, but he is the best surgeon around and really I don’t have a ton of options here. Anyway, I left the appointment pretty bummed that AGAIN we didn’t know. Strike three

Now, I know it doesn’t matter. Boy or girl, we would be thrilled. I love babies, all kinds, and mostly I want to know so I can start planning and kind of get a grasp on adding a third kid to the party. And also, names ya know!

Our super nice friend at the hospital gave me her cell phone number and said come in anytime. I took that literally, of course, so Thursday after I dropped Isabelle off at pre-school me and Linc headed in.

She looked and looked, got one answer than other. Called in her colleague…who went and grabbed a more high resolution machine from the ER. These people are so nice. SO NICE. She took a quick look with the bigger machine and it only took about two minutes for her to tell. 4 ultrasounds, 4 different techs, 3 different machines later.

We wanted to surprise Isabelle, so I wrapped up something in neutral paper and when we were all at Burrito Bandito last night, she opened it to find out if she was getting a brother or a sister.

As you can see, Shy Baby is a lady baby. A sister.

And of course I cried. I cried a little bit of relief that we finally know. I also cried because OH to have a SISTER is the greatest in the whole world. Isabelle will be a great big sister. Lincoln will be a rowdy and mischievous big brother. We are tickled. Pink, in fact.

(I should point out before Jazz freaks out- the baby was pronounced girl with 80% accuracy. Jazz will want me to tell you that there is still a small chance the baby is a boy. As with any ultrasound. In my mind, its a done deal, I believe that if it were a boy there would have been some…ahem… evidence. Grain of salt, my friends.)

So now we know! YAY.

3 thoughts on “and now we know.

  1. I love that pic! Her expression is priceless! Congrats on another daughter!


  2. YAY!!! Man oh man… this will be a great story to tell her when she grows up. I can't wait to hear what names you guys pick. 🙂 Congrats!


  3. YAY!!! Man oh man… this will be a great story to tell her when she grows up. I can't wait to hear what names you guys pick. 🙂 Congrats!


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