Snow Day?

Last Friday, just during nap time…it started snowing. And it didn’t stop for hours and hours. That NEVER happens here- seriously the last time we got this much snow I was in high school? Maybe junior high? Anyway, for just a few days our little town was turned into a white wonderland. We loved it.

Saturday morning Isabelle came racing in to ask if we could go play in the snow. So after breakfast, we suited up and headed out. It was perfect weather- soft fluffy snow, chilly and crisp, but nice and sunny. And snow right in our back yard!

silly california orange tree!

This is the best part. I got Linc all dressed and he was SO excited to get outside and play- GO GO GO he kept saying. Anyway, we open the door and he stops short of the snow. Jazz even cleared him a little path so he could get going but he was like WHERE IS MY GRASS! WHY IS IT SO COLD HERE. THIS IS THE WORST. CRY.
So instead of playing, he parked it here.
While she did this. 

She was so happy. I was happy FOR her. Isabelle is so fun to play with- age 4 is a good one- she is her own person and the stuff she says is all quotable. Her face was just pure JOY playing in the snow and we would have stayed out there all day with her if we could have. Izzie made snow angels and snow piles and threw snow balls and eventually constructed a snow man and his snow dog. Mom and Dad came over in their snow stuff and everyone just rolled around and reveled in it until we were too cold and we went inside for hot chocolate. (Mom: “Hey Mic, I have some hersheys bars in my purse just throw those in the pot.”) 

“i hate this day.”
beardy Jazz

so much snow!!

So then because I’m such a kind and loving mother I set Lincoln down in the middle of the snow to see what he would do. 

What is this on my shoe. OH MY HELL IT IS SNOW

Linc stayed in the “safe zone.”

oh well if someone pushes me on my bike then yeah I love snow

Sadly now our snowman is just a stump… most of the snow has melted and I keep telling Isabelle to hang on to those snow memories for TEN YEARS because that’s how long it will be until she wakes up to snow in her yard again. Thanks Canada for the cold front!

3 thoughts on “Snow Day?

  1. Your pictures are gorgeous! Looks fun but freezing. And is it bad to say Christmas and all, I'm already over the cold??


  2. I think the last time I remember snow like that was sophomore/junior yearish?? I was so excited to see all my Redding friends enjoying the once-a-decade experience!!


  3. Those are CUTE pictures. Seeing Linc cry made me giggle to myself. What a silly boy! I love the picture of Izzie with Jazz and the one of you and Jazz. What a fun day for you guys! 🙂 Erin Hiatt


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