horsie horsie on your way

If you ask Isabelle what she wants for Christmas, she always says “a pink pony that I can ride.” Well. We couldn’t find a pink pony, but Leigh’s mom owns a beautiful horse named Flash, and last Saturday we got to go visit him.  She was SO EXCITED. At first she was a little bit nervous, and honestly so was I, I have zero experience around horses. They are surprisingly large. Anyway, after a few minutes she warmed up and started petting him and touching his mane. It was adorable. I was dying.

AND THEN. She got to sit on the horse for a minute. And take a few steps. And I thought she was going to explode she was so happy. I mean, smiles everywhere.

WE spent some time out there at the stables, checking out the other horses and feeding Flash some carrots. We watched him do some laps in the arena? pen? What are they called for horses? 

Just being casual. In my boots.
Isabelle took to Mom’s mother Maureen quickly. Normally Iz is pretty shy but she was like UM YOU HAVE A HORSE WE ARE FRIENDS. I love Leigh’s face here because I know she is thinking, “yeah it took me two years to get you to hold my hand, but only takes a few minutes for my mom? cmon.”
And naturally, after a good morning at the barn, we had to stop for a giant donut on the way home. 

Best day ever.

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