19 Weeks

I’m almost half way through this pregnancy, so I guess I should do an update and a picture about that. I forced Jazz to take a picture of me on Thanksgiving on our way out the door because I was dressed, and now I’m typing this in sweat pants. 19 weeks and change, holla! And yes, I am dying to find out the gender.

We all calling this baby “Shy Baby.” Twice now we have snuck (have snuck? sneaked? conjugate that for me.) in to have a quick ultrasound to look at the baby’s gender and both times, the baby has been very shy. Not shy like Lincoln, who just flat out refused to show his goods, this baby seems less ninja-like. I’m hardly feeling movement, and when I do it isn’t sharp or jabby, its slow and gentle. Shy baby. The last ultrasound we had we thought we had a really clear shot of the gender, then the baby moved and we had an entirely different shot which made us second guess. All my friends who are having babies around the same time as me know what they are having and I’m jealous.

My 20 week anatomy scan is in 7 days! SEVEN! And I hope we can find out then, though our track record isn’t great. So, obviously leave you guesses below. I’m not sure where this baby is going- if we are moving Lincoln into Isabelle’s room or if we will put the new baby with Lincoln after awhile? The nursery is staying the nursery either way- we will swap blue for yellow if it is a girl- but there is a lot of white and grey in there so that is fine. It is sort of a relief not to have to make a nursery. Or do anything, really. Just gestate.

Stuff I want to remember about this pregnancy: I feel good most of the time. If I have a few late nights in a row, I’m super sleepy by the afternoon. I love orange juice. I have to limit my intake of that because I know it’s mostly sugar but oh man, it is crazy delicious. I am fluffier than last time already, not sure if it is because of Thanksgiving Turkey binge or what but I’m definitely rounder. (awesome.) Warm food sounds good all the time. Sweets are ehhh unless they are white fudge oreos. Or peppermint ice cream. I love being pregnant during the holidays.

I was in church last week and both of my kids were playing semi-quietly on the pew for a few minutes. And my hands were empty and it felt weird. No one was sitting on my lap. Lincoln just isn’t a baby anymore, he will be two in six weeks and then will then FOR SURE officially be not a baby. When did this happen? I thought of all the sacrament meetings I listened to from the mothers room, feeding Linc. Now as soon as we hear the “amen” of the closing prayer, Lincoln yells YEAH YEAH YEAHHHHH and sprints for the nursery.

I wonder if that will ever go away? Like, when our last baby turns two will my hands still feel empty? Or will I be too busy to notice? Will we feel complete as a family? I keep semi joking to Jazz that we will just have babies forever. He doesn’t think it’s very funny.

I’m to the point now where I could actually leave the house and take a purse instead of the diaper bag. A purse! The kids are low maintenance when we are out and about- no bottles ( OR PACIS!!!) and don’t generally need a change of clothes or anything. Now that I’ve said that, I’m sure sometime this week I’ll be cursing and wrapping a naked kid in my cardigan in the back of my van. I just carry the essentials.. wallet, phone, diapers, and like four packs of emergency fruit snacks.

I’m enjoying this time with two, and looking forward to our third.

head and profile

a little hand with teeny fingers!
just for fun, 19 weeks with Lincoln 

1 thought on “19 Weeks

  1. You look great! Weird how each pregnancy is different. It makes me feel bad because we can NEVER get through all 3 hours of church. Ever. We make it maybe 15 min of sacrament and then we have to bail because Kelly is screaming and kicking & it's hard to hold him for an hour and 15 min. This has been since the day we first brought him to church as an infant. When we do have callings we go to church during our deisgnated teach time. I can't wait for January because church starts at 9:00 am, and that will be the first time in 3 years it wont be during nap time and we can actually function. When I hear people get through church with kids, I always wonder HOW!? I must be the worst parent ever. It is hard fighting a child for 3 hours non stop. Kudos to you! You are super Mom! 😀 – Erin Hiatt


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