we are thankful

Tonight after dinner, I set out to make my contribution to our thanksgiving dinner. Cheeseball, (naturally.) sweet potatoes, and a pecan pie. No one likes pecan pie but me, so I made it mostly for myself. Anyway.

Jazz had to run to the church to set up some sort of projector, so the babies hopped up on the counter by me as I gathered the ingredients. They helped me measure and mix and held on to the recipe cards for me. Lincoln sat up there with no pants on, as always. And Isabelle’s hair… well we never did quite get to it today. They sat and watched and we giggled about the mixer and the sound of pecans in the food processesor. Lincoln thought that was hilarious.

And I looked around at my beautiful house. And our sparkly Christmas tree. And the faces of these children that were sent specifically to me, and me to them. And I was overwhelmed with the things that I am thankful for.

This month, we made this very authentic looking turkey out of construction paper. Isabelle helped me cut out a bunch of feathers and every day we wrote down something we are thankful for and added it to our turkey.

Some of Lincoln’s: Momma, Paci, Cars and Boats
Some of Isabelle’s: Pre-school, Madilyn and Kira, Gwamma and Gwampa, Dad, Jesus
We could keep this going and easily fill up the entire door. The entire wall, really, with things we are thankful for. 

I think you know by now how enamored I am with my children. I’m thankful to be their mother, to be responsible for them, to teach them and to learn from them. They are so beautiful. I’m thankful for this new little life that will be joining our family soon. I’m thankful for my husband, for his patience, for his work ethic, for his sense of humor and for his beard. I have a great extended family. Wonderful, loving parents. Good friends. Safety. Health. Freedom. Nice comfortable pillows. The list goes on.

Now the pie is baked, cheeseball and potatoes are in the fridge for tomorrow. My house is sort of picked up. I’m so tired from a few busy days in a row that I can hardly type, I’m embarrassingly excited to go to sleep. Tomorrow we will head to my parents’ house to be with our family and eat delicious food and maybe play some bingo, I don’t know, things can get crazy.

There are few, if any, luckier than I am.

1 thought on “we are thankful

  1. Pecan pie is my favorite, too. My mom is making one just for me. Because moms rock. Your family is so beautiful. Have a fabulous day celebrating.


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