thoughts 11/25/13

I was in church yesterday and both of my kids were playing semi-quietly on the pew for a few minutes. And my hands were empty and it felt weird. No one was sitting on my lap. Lincoln just isn’t a baby anymore, he will be two in six weeks and then will then FOR SURE officially be not a baby. When did this happen? I thought of all the sacrament meetings I listen to from the mothers room, feeding Linc. Now as soon as we hear the “amen” of the closing prayer, Lincoln yells YEAH YEAH YEAHHHHH and sprints for the nursery.

I wonder if that will ever go away? Like, when our last baby turns two will my hands still feel empty? Or will I be too busy to notice? Will we feel complete as a family? I keep semi joking to Jazz that we will just have babies forever. He doesn’t think it is very funny.

I’m to the point now where I could actually leave the house and take a purse¬†instead of the diaper bag. A purse! The kids are low maintenance when we are out and about- no bottles ( OR PACIS!!!) and don’t generally need a change of clothes or anything. Now that I’ve said that, I’m sure sometime this week I’ll be cursing and wrapping a naked kid in my cardigan in the back of my van. I just carry the essentials.. wallet, phone, diapers, and like four packs of emergency fruit snacks.

I’m almost half way through this pregnancy, so I guess I should do an update and a picture about that. I’m so hoping to find out the gender soon, I’m just anxious about it!

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