it happened.

I held off as long as I could. 
Slowly, over the week, Christmas came to our house. I started small, with bookshelves and mantle crap. Eventually we got our tree out and set it up and sadly, only about half the lights worked. There are some things I’m willing to compromise on in life, and having a half lit tree is not one of them. Naturally, we went to Costco for fhe last night and got some pizza and a new tree. 
Which was really great, because yesterday morning I shut the shower door on my heel and skinned all the skin off of it. Then all the soap from my shower ran down my leg into my bleeding wound and I cried. What can I say, I’m pregnant. I should have taken that as a sign and just gone back to bed, but alas there were two tiny monsters asking for juice and breakfast so I kept going. It was not my best day. But it ended nicely with nice new shiny lights and now coming home to my house feels so much cozier with Christmas up. I forced us out of the house to target today to shake off the gross day that was yesterday, and they are already out of oreos! Can you believe it! 
Also, we tried to find out the gender of our baby last week and he/she wouldn’t uncross his/her legs. SURPRISE. 
OH BUT HEY. We confiscated Lincoln’s paci when he isn’t in his crib. It’s only the end of day two but it wasn’t nearly as hard as it was when we did this before. (we are consistent parents) Now he carries around his fox with him all the time and that is totally fine with me. A stuffed animal wont make his teeth any more janky than they already are. (Morgan there is an example of using than vs then.)
Thanksgiving is next week and I’m so excited for my dad’s stuffing I might explode. It is the “off” year for my siblings so I don’t think anyone is coming for the holiday (but we will see them ALL for Christmas!). Last year I got demoted from bringing pie to just bringing cheese ball and maybe this year I will be given more responsibility since Fancy Morgan won’t be here. 
“Mom I think Lincoln is going down the slide on his face.”
Why yes, yes he is.

this outfit. I need it in my size.
the end.

3 thoughts on “it happened.

  1. LOL – the comment under Lincoln's picture made me laugh out loud. Annnd your comment about your skinned foot – YOWCH! Made me cringe thinking about the pain. Can't wait to hear what baby #3 is (in a non creepy way…)


  2. I'm so excited for Christmas!!! I can't wait to play, sing Christmas carols, look at lights, drink hot chocolate, eat dad's fudge, watch Muppet Christmas Carol, read christmas stories, float little boats down the gutter when it rains, play with ALL the kids, eat crab, do lashes, games and laugh (a ton)!! Start getting prepared now! Xo sabs


  3. Than/then is quickly becoming my main pet peeve.


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