leaves n stuff.

We spent a good chunk of Saturday doing much needed yard work. We have a pretty small yard so a few times a year we tackle it and chop stuff down, trim the bushes, rake the leaves that fall from our neighbors’ tree. (thanks but no thanks.) Lincoln and Isabelle were pretty good help.

someone take that kids paci away. please. anyone. 

Oh, November, you wonderful month. The California weather has finally cooled off- yesterday I took out all summer clothes/clothes that won’t fit me for awhile and put them away and got out all my favorite stretchy pants and oversized shirts. It felt good to organized my closet and pull out my boots and my one singular coat that I really only wear on Christmas Eve when we go caroling.

If you don’t love this time of year, you are a scrooge mcduck because the anticipation of the holidays makes me giddy. I took down Halloween decor and just left the walls and shelves mostly blank because GUESS WHAT I’m putting up Christmas soon and I don’t care if you judge me. Thanksgiving isn’t until the 28th or something insane and there is no way I’m waiting that long to deck my halls.

Sunday I woke up.. and immediately something was wrong. “Jazz, (I yelled) I think I need a c-collar!” Not sure if it was weird yard work or if I slept jankity but hot potato my neck wasn’t moving very well. Neck, shoulder all the way down my arm.We made it through church and I led the music like a robot then I came home and laid on my side making yelping noises the rest of the afternoon. Well, I thought they were yelping noises but Jazz sent me a text message from the other room with a sound file of chewbacca which I think was meant to mock me? I’m not sure.

Mom took the kids yesterday morning until nap time while I convalesced (what a horrible word, convalesced) and kept the laundry going. So thankful for that woman, that mother of mine. And tonight my dear friend is bringing dinner to us so we can eat and the kids can play and Jazz can mountain bike in the freezing dark with my father. These are my people.

What a stupid thing, to have a janky neck. But it is nice to have people to take care of me. Jazz even unloaded the dishes twice in two days. And he got me the seventh episode of Downton Abbey. This is true love.

Well its 3:30 and the kids are sleeping and the sun is starting to set, thanks a lot Benjamin Franklin. Word on the street is the white oreos will be making their appearance later this week and that, we all know, is the true kick off to the hoilday season.

49 days until Christmas.

2 thoughts on “leaves n stuff.

  1. Well I'm with you Mic, I'm going to decorate asap! Big bow and lots of frills, I'm going all out this year. I'll start Thanksgiving week, so you can tell everyone it's not just you showing your Christmas cheer.


  2. You should try a chiropractor. Same thing happened to my neck, and my buddy who is a chiro came over, did some snaps, and BAM! I felt better within a day. 🙂 Hang in there lady.. yowch!!Erin Hiatt


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