We had a great Halloween. Izzie had preschool in the morning, everyone had a good nap, and then we went to my moms for her halloween party and some trick or treating. 
Princess Aurora and her friendly castle dragon
Turn around let me see your tail!

She was so excited to wear this outfit with all the accessories and some lipstick.

squirrel!  the profile kills me.

Of course, my mother wins the costume contest every year, if there was such a thing. This year she was Johnny Depp’s The Mad Hatter. She spent so much time on the details- the rings and ribbons, shoes and makeup. She is LEGIT.

Again, dragon profile is killing me.

Thanks Francie for getting a picture of us! 
Many of our little friends having some pre trick or treat jump time. I love that Kira is mid-flight. She went as Elpheba from Wicked and Madilyn was Galinda the Good Witch. How adorable is that. Charlotte was Rapunzel and little brother Ryder was Pascal.   
Like I said. Too legit to quit.

Dinner on the patio. Mom has this great tradition of sloppy joes on Halloween- ever since I was a little kid.  Now she just makes a couple big batches so people can stop by and eat. 

After we ate and jumped and played, we went trick or treating around their neighborhood. Last year it was raining, cold, Lincoln was not yet walking- I think Jazz and Isabelle attempted about three houses before calling it quits and raiding my mom’s candy supply. This year Isabelle was totally into it. “Frick er Freat!” she yelled. Lincoln obediently followed like the little brother that he is- he had no idea what was going on but if Isabelle was doing it, so was he. He actually got the hang of holding out his bag for a treat and then signing thank you when prompted. Every time Isabelle got a treat she would turn around to me like MOM can you BELIEVE they are just giving me CANDY! Best day ever.

1 thought on “Halloweenie

  1. Um… Isabelle's costume is amazing. I need to have a little girls just so I can dress her up like this…


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