punkin picking.

It’s Halloween! The babies are napping and I’ve got banana bread in the oven for my mom’s party tonight and I uploaded some recent pictures. Horray! (editors note. I started this post yesterday afternoon… of course I didn’t finish it until this morning so, it’s out of context but whatever I’m not fixing it.)

Last week we went to the pumpkin patch with Isabelle’s preschool group. I took Lincoln for the morning and I’m pretty sure it was the best day of his entire life. Boots + dirt + hay ride = happy kid.

are they the cutest or what. Lincoln loves Kira so much.

baby hug

It was fieldtrip day for other schools, pretty sure Lincoln thought he was in third grade. nbd.

The big bouncey thing! 
Let me tell you something though. Lincoln is a free spirit. He wants to wander and run and explore. Keeping tabs on him and an eyeball on Isabelle was basically impossible. Thankfully JaNae and Scott were there helping me herd my children. Also why did I bring my camera, my hands were full… iphone is just too handy. 
hay ride out to the patch 
Her perfect pumpkin.
Lincoln was like ‘freeeeedommmmmmm’
tired from fleeing, he hitched a ride back to the car
We carved out pumpkins on Monday for FHE. Isabelle refused to touch the guts but mostly was excited to use a tiny pumpkin knife. Jazz was mostly excited to toast all the pumpkin seeds.

Next day we were out riding our bikes and had to check on the pumpkins every lap or so.

She looks so grown up to me! That bike is the perfect size for her though. She is really getting good at it!
not to be left out…

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