update on the kiddos

Lincoln is almost 22 months. At this point, it’s easier to quit counting months and just say, “he’s almost two.” I know that for sure because he is definitely doing the “terrible two” thing a little bit early. Not that he’s terrible, just that he is a little extra saucy and opinionated about e v e r y t h i n g.  He is back on his paci. And, it’s worse than before… now he likes to have two to change out when he feels like he needs a fresh one. I keep saying okay NEXT WEEK I’m going to be done with the paci and then I put it off because its going to be three days of horror which, may I remind you, I already did once.

Lincoln is talking more, he says new words all the time. His favorite word ever is BOAT. Ever since Disneyland, he thinks any ride is a boat. He has to go check on Grandpa’s boat when we go over there. The Yo Ho Pirate’s Life song comes on and he yells BOAT. BOATBOATBOAT. His favorite. He loves to visit my parents. When we reach the intersection by my house- we either go straight through to our house or turn left to my parents’…. and when we don’t turn he says No. Nooooooo No! And throws his arms out left like that will help turn the car towards his favorite play place. He still waves with his arm upsidown like he is serving drinks. He loves going to nursery at church.

Linc loves cars and trucks- he likes to line them all up on one surface then move them somewhere else. I find them in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in my closet… every where. He loves to be outside. Out! Out! Then he finds his shoes and brings them me. Sometimes they aren’t his- he doesn’t care, he just wants shoes to go OUT. His favorite foods are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, meatballs, chicken nuggets, mandarin oranges, toast, his gummy vitamins, and really any type of fruit. Noodles still aren’t his thing.

Lincoln is still my baby. He is so, so soft. He still cuddles with me and says ‘mamaaaa’ with a little smirk on his face like I’m in trouble or something. He is an excellent sleeper, please and thank you amen for that! Takes naps about 1 pm everyday after lunch. (with his two paci’s.) He has a mind of his own and takes off without checking to see if anyone is following him. When Isabelle was this age- she and I would shop or go to get groceries and she would follow me like a loyal puppy dog. As soon as I set Lincoln down, its like his mission is to hide/run/disappear as fast as possible. I literally held him over my shoulder like a sack of potatoes last week at the MAC counter for a “quick makeup run.” Now I  know, stroller is necessary. For the most part, he is so happy and fun- he and Isabelle play well together until Lincoln steals something of hers.

And Isabelle. My sweet four year old. HOW DO I HAVE A FOUR YEAR OLD. Vivacious is the best word to describe her. She is so full of life and has the most hilarious things to say. She loves to do “frafts” (crafts) and is always asking to color/paint/cut something up. She says stuff like, “You know what?” and “I dreamed about…” and “hold on” and “I have a great idea!” Her sentences are so cute and well thought out….she is like a compete little person already. There are so many things I want to remember, it’s hard to keep track.

Izzie is loving preschool two days a week. She always comes home and zips open her pack to show me what she made or drew or colored. She loves having the social time when her friends and usually when I go to pick her up she says “awwww man, what a bummer.” She loves her cousins. She asked me the other day if I could move our house over by Madilyn and Kira’s house so we lived closer.

Izzie is fully into Barbies now, and I’m sure I’ve vacuumed up at least twelve tiny barbie shoes in the process. She loves puzzles, and games- we’ve been playing Old Maid lately and she loves when I get stuck with the “stinky old maid.” She always wants to help me do things- she is especially helpful with Lincoln, grabbing his shoes or finding his favorite car. I can’t ever go get him from his crib without her- she has to lead the way. She can open the car door, get in, and buckle her three point harness all by herself. I pledge allegiance to my van forever and ever amen.

I just asked Isabelle these questions and these were her answers.”
     What is your favorite food ? “Burrito Bandito. And I like my food at Grandma’s house.”
     What is your favorite color? “Red, Purple, Pink and Red.
     What is your favorite show? “Doc McStuffins.”
     What is your favorite thing to do? “Color.”
     Where is your favorite place to go? “Grammas and Aunt JaNae’s house.”
     What is your favorite song? “Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree.”
     What is your favorite drink? “Juice, pink kind.”
     What is your favorite toy? “HOLD ON. I am playing. Remember.”

I think she’s done with questions.


hungry/ ready for dinner outside 


birthday girl/chillaxing at the table


iz and linc as babies. kill me.


grandpa john visited!/ day date at the temple


too tired to move/perfect pumpkin


lincoln is that teeny speck in the distance/ finally feeling like fall

Yesterday was Isabelle’s primary program at church. She had one little line to say and knew most of the songs. Best part of my life, right there.
PS remind me to tell you about our family pictures next time.

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