and baby makes five

Baby #3! Let’s discuss.

I’m due end of April, so I’m about 13 1/2 weeks right now. 
My most nauseous pregnancy yet. 
I feel 100% that this is a girl and if it is not I will be totally shocked.  I feel similar to how I did when I was pregnant with Isabelle- I crave warm homey foods. With Lincoln I could not eat anything sweet… that doesn’t seem to be a problem this time around. (though that might be more helpful.) We toyed with the idea of not finding out the gender- we have one of each, I’m not creating another nursery, it may make having major abdominal surgery slightly more fun, etc. Jazz doesn’t want to wait, and I only sort of do, and will probably cave to peer pressure and take a peek. Waiting is hard. (Morgan if you say I told you so I will slice you.)
Isabelle is excited. She really keeps asking if we know if it’s a girl yet.. A baby sister…she understands it this time around. Lincoln however, does not. And I’m a little worried about having a newborn with him around. He is sort of a mamas boy… and very opinionated… and sort of rambunctious? He still seems like such a baby to me, so soft and cuddly. But then I saw him next to Quinn at Disneyland and he looked like baby shrek.
Going from 1 kid to 2 kids was a big transition but not like CRAZY impossible. Don’t get me wrong it was a lot of work and I was tired a lot BUT here’s why. Jazz was a ton of help. And also, Isabelle was a tricky baby but a very good toddler. Lincoln was an easy peasy great baby but has been a more difficult toddler. So, when I sat down to feed Lincoln, Isabelle would just play and hang out. I’m worried that when I sit down to feed this new baby, Lincoln will grab the car keys and run to 7/11 for a slurpee, you know? 
And suddenly we will be outnumbered, man to man defense won’t work and we will be forced to go to zone. What have we done.

I’ve had a lot of questions from my friends about the delivery of this baby. As soon as I had Lincoln, I started researching VBA2Cs to see if there was anywhere I could have another trial of labor… just to even see if it was an option.

There are some problems, however, and I think it warrants a totally different blog post. But, if I have a repeat c-section, my OB will want to do it at 39 weeks, which of course I protest and will want to go 40 weeks. My babies cook extra late and I’m afraid if we evict them that early there will be breathing problems and nicu situation and that is just not fun for anyone. C-section babies tend to have breathing problems anyway. Let’s avoid all that. 

Anyway, whatever way this baby arrives- we are excited and looking forward to a froggy newborn come April. I may not be textbook great at delivering babies but I am DAMN GOOD at growing them. We had an ultrasound last week and saw tiny toes, little fingers and ribs, spine, heartbeat… the baby flipped over and got comfortable and crossed his/her legs. The third time around is still just as amazing as the first.

1 thought on “and baby makes five

  1. Congratulations! I am scared to think of having one more (that will make 2 kids), and after reading your post about baby #3 all I can say is, YOU GO GIRL. It will all work out. Have you ever heard that skit by that comedian that commented on his wife being due with their 3rd (I think?) baby? He said, “It's like your drowning and someone hands you a baby”. Ha! I know you will figure it out though. Your an amazing Mother, and Jazz is a great dad/husband. This will be a fun new chapter for your family. 🙂 – the Hiatt's


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