the other half of that.

could this picture be any more fun.
I love this picture. This was first thing in the morning, and they gave each other hugs then chit chatted about their outfits. 
Okay so Sunday was deemed “princess day” for the kids- they all wanted to bring their princess dresses to meet the REAL princesses in so of course we did. You have to go to this early in the morning to avoid a long wait time- they just opened up this adorable new area just for the princesses kind of by the castle. So we got bedazzled and had to wait just a few minutes before going in to meet Cinderella and Ariel, but we didn’t know the who the third princess was. You get escorted in, take some pictures, talk to the girl, then move to the next princess. How many times can I type princess in this paragraph.  Anyway, the girls were SO excited. 

(Pretty sure Disney purposefully made the lighting in there horrible so that you want to buy their professional photos taken by the cast member. I mean, it was baaaad.)

Telling Cinderella “how many” she just turned.
doing a group twirl, Madilyn was ALL OVER that
And then we came around the corner to see who the third princess was and it was SLEEPING BEAUTY and I SWEAR I gasped and got a tiny tear in my eye like ohhhh this is so perfect and Isabelle was trying to tell her about her costume and her big birthday party and my heart was exploding THIS IS TOTALLY WORTH IT. 

blowing kisses to ariel
It was a big highlight of the trip for everyone, the kids loved it and they were so adorable and wore their dresses probably half of the day.
Small world. And izzie’s glasses? Sheesh.

this cracked me up.. she wanted this map the whole trip like a little navigator.
Getting sleepy!
is this the cutest or WHAT. 
Of course, they all had to match. Kira is not terribly pleased to be in the picture.
Mater ride, one more time…
In line for Lincoln’s favorite ride- Heimlich’s chew chew. He was obsessed.

Scott ate his ice cream like a scene from West Side Story.
Another disney trip done! This maybe was the trickiest trip to date- just with Lincoln wanting to run amok, me being pregnant and sort of nauseous and then being hit with insane crazy allergies. Saturday, Jazz spent most of the day at the hotel after a weird 24 flu type thing? He swears it was food related but we all ate the same thing. (oh maybe it was the SLURPEE you ate while you were sick.) Wasn’t the first time Jazz ralphed on a disney trip. Poor guy. 
Interestingly this trip I felt less tired than most other trips- I think it was because we all went to bed early. Basically the kids were out by 8 and we were out by 9 or 10- kids get up at 6:30 no matter what so you may as well be ready. Usually we let them sleep in the stroller at night and stay late at the park- but the kids outnumber the adults now so it wasn’t worth it to stay and ride rides when we needed a half dozen people to baby sit the strollers. Plus, I can’t ride the big rides so I was like yeahhhhh ummmm I’m gonna head back. 12 hours at the park is nothing to be ashamed of! We did stay to see the fireworks on Saturday which is my favorite part- Lincoln giggled his head off and Isabelle loved watching Tink fly. 
By far the best part of this vacation was seeing our family. Our kids played and held hands and shared food and the grown ups caught up as best we could between rides and lines and pushing strollers. Sean came from Texas, Sabrina from Utah, Mo from Arizona, and the rest of us from Redding… a great place to meet for a big group. Thinking this could be an annual tradition! Maybe meet again for Isabelle’s fifth birthday? What do you say guys, you in?

1 thought on “the other half of that.

  1. It was such a fun trip!! Invasion of the Sumsion family on Disneyland was a HUGE success! Thanks for taking all the pictures and writing about the trip, one day when my kids ask me about their childhood I will direct them to your blog. Seriously. – Sab


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