eleven twelve thirteen

Today is 11-12-13. I’m assuming everyone is using this special day to their advantage to either 1) get married or 2) have a baby. We are doing neither.

Everyone has a cold with leaky noses and we’ve been trapped in the house for a few days so we LEFT this morning. To anywhere. Do you get like that? Just get in the car.

We went to the preserve and the kids rode their bikes almost two miles. I say almost because they walked a few times and also then towards the end they were DONE. I think I underestimated my 22-month old just a little bit.

Mom pick me up. Also, I need a hair cut.

Of course this is all a ploy to get the kids to sleep well for nap time so I can finish the last episode of the new downton abbey and then quit my life because it is over for another season. I will drown my sorrows in white oreos.

Also I feel like I should be really honest and tell you that Jazz brought all the Christmas stuff back from storage and I am THISCLOSE to busting those bins open. Except it’s going to be 80 degrees today and that just doesn’t feel right? It’s going to drop down to 66/38 this weekend so that seems much more reasonable. Pandora station + christmas candle + cracked windows = go time.

Anyway. here are some more pictures.


this weather is so awesome. Lincoln’s fluffy hair, killing me.

Sometimes you are on a date on Friday night and you have twenty minutes before your movie starts so you run to target and then you run into your mother who is doing things like this. it is the best.


the game is to hold on until hugging isn’t fun anymore. / I bought six boxes.

Mom I’m not tired I don’t need a nap, make me a deal. Look kid the deal is you go to sleep.

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