insta-update vol. 23

This week is kicking me right in the face. Right. In. The. Face. I’m being pulled in a million different directions and I’m just barely keeping my head above water. Just gotta finish strong through Saturday (then Monday? then Thursday?) and then I’ll be good to go. (right?) Also, I made chicken and dumplings tonight for the first time ever and I don’t think I’ll stop talking about them until 2016. They were that good. So, there’s that.

Here’s a picture update because I am too lazy/tired to post something with better content. I’ll throw in some commentary for good measure.

this is such an Izzie face.


crazy cute/ nothin to see here


Isabelle’s first talk in primary. How have I not posted about this? I almost diedddddd it was so cute, her little words and look she is on her tippy toes. She talked about how she broke her arm and then she said prayers that it would get better. I was a little nervous she would get up there and get shy but we practiced at home and she did great. Jazz videoed it because we are basically sacrilegious and it is my favorite footage ever. She is so proud of herself at the end, it’s the best.


ballet year two/ all his animals.


“like fiona in shrek”/ baby chopin


just cleaning up/ last lake day



she seriously slept like that/ loves me to scratch his head

good day for a tailgate picnic


Okay so a few weeks ago Lincoln crawled out of his crib and landed ON HIS FACE. I opened the door and he was just standing there like whaaaaaat just happened. His nose was so swollen and purple I thought for sure it was broken. I’m pretty sure it was an accident because he hasn’t tried to do it again, which is great considering I am 100% not ready for him to be in a toddler bed. Life = over.

Also that picture of my dad and Isabelle? My favorite. Hmm where is Isabelle’s hat…


costco carts. enough said. / this kid is trouble (his legs!)


early am at the provo temple/ those chicken and dumplings that stole my heart and stomach.
If I never post again it’s because this week has killed me.

2 thoughts on “insta-update vol. 23

  1. Oh how I love you. Never stop blogging in exactly your voice. I love it so much!


  2. Oh how I love you. Never stop blogging in exactly your voice. I love it so much!


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