Happy Birthday Isabelle

On Saturday, we celebrated an early birthday to Isabelle since we will be out of town for her actual birthday. She invited a few of her friends to come to a Sleeping Beauty party for the afternoon. Be prepared for princess picture overload here… we had a fabulous time with our friends and family.

I mean…her face…
A few of her princess friends. Her prince friends were less inclined to pose for pictures.
We had sort of medieval food to snack on.

We will call this “rustic.”
Madilyns words: “These donuts are a HIT.”

Of course, Grandma came in her Royal Attire as well.
best little friends

We tried to play musical spots but oh man it was so funny- lasted like a half round and the kids were like ummmm we want to eat and go outside, thanks. We did decorate crown cookies though. Make it pink! Make it blue!

Boxes for their finished cookies

Ladies received crowns and wands, boys got knighted with swords.

blew out the candle (camera was on inside settings, my fault.)

Closest thing to a family picture we got. Lincoln doesn’t hold still. Ever.
I think the best part of this party was that Isabelle GETS it. She understands birthdays and all the fun parts- she has been helping me get ready for a few weeks now. She looked so adorable in her Aurora dress, she loved the sparkly crowns we made. She loved all the pink decorations and the balloons. This is why it is fun for me- to see her face. Her eyes got huge when she saw the big pile of presents her best friends brought for her. She was so excited to blow out her candle, she has been practicing for days. Having a girl is so much fun, having Isabelle is the MOST fun. Four years ago I had no idea how she would change my life, she just keeps getting more…vivacious? exciting? hilarious? What a little personality she has.
Happy Birthday, sweet Isabelle. 
OH. PS. We gave Isabelle a bike for her birthday. Her face when she sees it is adorable. She’s adorable in general. Just fast forward the first twenty seconds of Lincoln crying because all of his friends left and he was super bummed out.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Isabelle

  1. What a cool party for her. And I know what you mean when you mentioned Linc does not hold still. Story of our life with Kelly belly. Erin Hiatt


  2. Micci- can you please be my mom? You are AMAZING!!! I love every detail and her face is adorable. Happy Birthday Isabelle!!!


  3. Micci, what a beautiful party for Isabelle! You can tell (and you can in all your posts) that you LOVE being a mom, and I love that. It shows! So glad she had a great birthday.


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