visiting baby quinn

I spent a long weekend in Utah last week- visiting my sister and baby quinn and also eating lots of food. It’s really not fair that we live in a town with below average restaurants. So naturally when we visit places with delicious food, I gain twelve pounds. Snuggling a newborn and enjoying delicious meals? ALWAYS A WIN.
I took my nikon and literally took 6 pictures with it. Totally worth the weight in my luggage. Damn you, iphone for being so handy. I’ve been so excited for this trip and it was SO NICE to just sit with Sabrina and hold her baby and talk about mom stuff without worrying about my own kids running amok. We really had no schedule or agenda (except eat. so, nailed that one.) Sabrina is like a seasoned pro already- getting out of the house and actually putting clothes on! At this point after my babies, I was still wearing maternity yoga pants and Jazz’s t shirts and living in my recliner. Sabs is doing so great, and Quinn is a really good baby. Plus she smells good. I forgot how small they are…. makes Lincoln look heeee-yuge. 
A little pre flight meal with my bestie. 

We meet! Yessss. She is so soft.

slurp in american fork. worth it. 

the sumsion burp technique.

Chalk the block at the Riverwoods

this food… followed by…

this food. zomgggg.

dinner with our cousins and their babies

I will sayyy….. it was hard to be away from my own babies! Felt like I was missing a limb or something. On the airplane I was like ummmmmm what do I do with myself. Read! Yes, read, grown ups read, I shall do that. We face timed a lot and Jazz was really good about sending me pictures and updates. He did great though without me- took the kids to the store and got ice cream and even spent some time watching airplanes land at the airport. The best part was seeing their little faces when I came home. Lincoln was SO happy he just sat on my lap and climbed all over me until bed time. Isabelle wanted to tell me every detail of the weekend and pre school and being at gwammas house and show me her dollar store treasures. Man, I love those babies of mine.

Thanks sabs for being such a great hostess and sharing your lil babe with me!

3 thoughts on “visiting baby quinn

  1. Dear Micci,I just wanted to let you know that you are beautiful. You are like the most beautiful mom I know! That is all!Love,Cameo


  2. Thanks for coming to visit is!! We had the BEST weekend with you, Quinn loves her Aunt Micci! We ate so much delicious food I need a sugar detox this week, seriously. Come back to play anytime! XOXO Sabs


  3. What a good sister you are!!


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