happy birthday to leighdle

Today is my best friend’s birthday.

She is my oldest and dearest friend. This is a little tribute to her because I’m so thankful for her.

We were friends in high school, though she was in my brothers’ grade. She used to come over for Calculus study groups… somehow after graduation we started hanging out more? I can’t really remember how it began, but  I started visiting her down in Sacramento when she attended college… and she visited me at BYU many times. She’s been around for all my important things… girls nights, graduations, weddings, baby blessings, birthdays.

She answers the phone in the night if I need her. She sends my kids care packages. She drives up to Redding for parties and events, just for a few days. She watches my kids outside the temple so we can go in for weddings. She always remembers my birthday. We’ve laughed ourselves silly way too late into the night. We are not food buddies but we tend to like the same treats. We both like to clean, and we both like to wear soft jammies. She is like family to me. There is always room at my house for her.

We like to make up middle names. Leigh Ellen Sue LaFoo Renard, the first.

Here are some glorious pictures through the years… some not so good. (Seriously, my hair?) And I know for every one of these, Leigh has ten more ‘priceless’ ones from our early years. Also you may notice a mexican in many pictures.. that’s mexi, I met her through Leigh and we have the same birthday. Naturally we’ve become good friends as well.

I really hope everyone has a friend like Leigh.

Look at this gem. (The cute girl next to me is my sister in law now! hey JaNae! but she did not marry the brother in the picture) San Francisco 2000
Salt Lake City Airport, 2005
Salt Lake April 2007, I had just started dating Jazz
August 2007, Bridal Veil Falls

January 2008, Redding
My impromptu bachelorette, June 2008
On my wedding day…

Christmas 2008
Morphing into a biblical shepherd for nativity reading, 2008
Baby shower, July 2009
December 2009, Isabelle 10 weeks

September 2010, Girls night out, Redding

San Francisco, Dec 2010. Izzie 14 months

Sabrina’s reception, Sacramento, May 2011

September 2011, San Francisco Wharf

Golden Gate, Sept 2011

Isabelle’s tiny two party, Nov 2011
opening gifts, Christmas morning, 2011
At mom’s, recouping from back surgery with a dye job, April 2012
Sabrina’s baby shower, June 2013

Happy Birthday Leigh! Wish I was there to celebrate with you! xoxo

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