conversations with Iz.

Isabelle: Oh, mom look at all those beautiful flowers!

Me: Yeah! That’s called a cemetery. Do you know what a cemetery is?

Isabelle: No.

Me: Well, when we die our spirits go up to live with Heavenly Father, but our bodies stay here. So a cemetery is where they bury bodies after people die.

Isabelle: …Mom…. Will I die?

Me: Well, yes, eventually everyone will die. It’s the only way for us to get to Heaven and live with Heavenly Father again.

Isabelle in her sweet teeny voice: but… I don’t want to die.

Me: Oh little babe, you won’t die for a long long long time when you are really old.

Isabelle: …Mom, I really don’t want to die.

Me: Okay. Well maybe you should talk to Heavenly Father about that.

Isabelle: I will say my prayers about it. Oh! I have a great idea! When you get old you can die first. And then you can ask Heavenly Father for me. He will help me not die.

Me: That’s perfect. I promise to ask Him for you.

2 thoughts on “conversations with Iz.

  1. She has the sweetest little voice! I could just imagine her having this conversation with you and most sincerely wanting you to ask Heavenly Father to not ever let her die. Love her! Sabs


  2. When my husbands grandfather passed away, one of the children of the family gave me the sweetest explanation of death, she was only 7, and she told me that when we all have Angels inside of us, and when we get really old, our Angel goes up to heaven to live with God, and our body stays here on Earth. Since we are such a treasure to those that love us, our family puts our body in a treasure box and buries it away until we meet again in heaven!The things that kids come up with are so priceless!


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